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Hawthorne Studies & Elton Mayo

No description

Colleen Danner

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Hawthorne Studies & Elton Mayo

In 1927, Mayo and his team began to examine further into the effect of worker fatigue on product output

Elton Mayo
believed in work life balance

furthered the Hawthorne Studies

personal relationships = company success

During the 1920s, emphasis on the human aspect of the workplace began to influence management.

The Behavioural Approaches
people are social
seek relationships with co-workers
respond to group pressure
search for personal fulfillment

Hawthorne Studies - Western Electric Company

Hawthorne Studies & Elton Mayo
Elton Mayo
Future Expectations
more understanding of employee needs

use their employees ideas

technology will allow co-workers to share there ideas with managers

first name basis
Work Environment
open communication
work-life balance
continuous learning
recognition for hard work

little interaction
worry about work
stuck on "tradition"

Thank you
*Picture of 6 workers in the simulator*
Employee Attitude
Having a negative work environment will effect business success

Insecure work place
Uncaring company
Untrustworthy co-workers

*Elton Mayo's results*
Interactive Component
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