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Astrology vs. Myers Briggs Personality Test

No description

Braiden Preece

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Astrology vs. Myers Briggs Personality Test

Astrology vs. Myers Briggs Personality Test
In this experiment the reasons why astrology is very accurate will be shown. I believe that by looking at events which have occurred on full moons and my personal experience with my zodiac sign, the study of astrology is completely accurate.
Sign Analysis
Pisces – INFP: sensitive and creative
Libra – ESFJ: decisive, hard-working, balanced
Aries – ENTJ: fiery spirit, and hotheaded
Capricorn – INFJ/ISFJ: purpose, warm hearts, shy
Sagittarius – ENTP: open-minded, free-spirited, intellectual
Leo – ENFP: crave attention, optimists, fun loving
Cancer – INFP: sensitive, complex, appear strong but can be vulnerable

Scorpio – ENFJ: charismatic, connect to people, determined
Virgo – ISFP: shy, idealistic, materialistic, and cynical
Aquarius – INTJ: good thinkers, open minded, and affectionate with loved ones
Taurus – ISFJ: patient, dedicated, practical, romantic and cautious
Gemini – ESFP: social, lively, great romantic partners, free spirits “life of the party”
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