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Types of Energy

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Mike Graham

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Types of Energy

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Kinetic Energy
Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Anything that is moving has kinetic energy. A waterfall is kinetic energy because it has motion. If you go to a park you can see lots of things that are kinetic energy.
Sound energy is caused by vibrations of air, water, or other matter. When you blow into a flute the air inside vibrates. They same thing happens when you push a key on a piano only the strings inside vibrate.
Light energy moves in waves all over the earth. It also travels trough empty spaces. Light energy helps us see and helps flowers produce food.
Thermal energy is made up of randomly moving particles that make up matter. Thermal energy is just heat so when you use a furnace or heater you are using thermal energy. The faster particles move the more thermal energy they produce.
Types of Energy By:Caitlin Lee
Potential energy is the opposite of kinetic energy. Potential energy is the energy stored in a object. If a phone is plugged in it's storing up on potential energy. When you turn the phone on the energy is released.

Energy is the ability to cause motion or change.
There are six forms of energy, electrical, thermal,sound, kinetic, light, and potential energy.
Electrical Energy
Electrical energy is made up of electrically charged particles. A tablet, computer, light switch, or any thing like that is using electrical energy when you turn it on.
Electrical energy
Thermal Energy
Thermal Energy
Sound Energy
Kinetic Energy
Sound Energy
Light Energy
Potential Energy
Potential Energy
Light Switch
Lightning can produce energy
Even a little spark can create electricity
Heat Waves
Water Boils When Heated
Light Energy
Sound Waves
Jump Rope
The sun gives off light
Light Bulb
When A Phone Is Plugged In It Stores Up On Potential Energy
The Truck Is Stores Up On Gas When It's Stopped
If The Fan Was Off But Plugged In It Would Be Storing Up On Energy
Hopped You Like My Prezi!=)
Heat Waves
When Water Is Heated It Boils
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