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The Dark Knight Rises

No description

Matt Reindl

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of The Dark Knight Rises

Batman is broken both physically and mentally by Bane The Dark Knight Rises Matt Reindl Main Characters Bruce Wayne / Batman - Christian Bale Bane - Tom Hardy Selina Kyle / Catwoman- Anne Hathaway Lucius Fox - Morgan Freeman John Blake/ Robin- Joseph Gordon- Levitt Alfred Pennyworth- Michael Caine Miranda Tate/ Talia Al Guhl- Marion Cotillard Commissioner Jim Gordon- Gary Oldman Week 3 Plot Summary 8 Years After The Events Of The Dark Knight Dent Act has put a stop to organized crime in Gotham Batman has disappeared from Gotham taking blame
Bruce goes into recluse after nuclear reactor project fails Masked Mercenary Bane arrives in Gotham
Batman returns and is defeated by Bane Bane Forces Bruce to watch helplessly as he overthrows Gotham and occupies the the city with his mercenaries.
Bruce begins to recuperate and attempts to build the strength to escape Mysterious Financial Failure of Wayne Enterprises force Bruce out into society.
He reveals to Miranda that the reactor is functional yet potentially a nuclear weapon On his 3rd attempt, Bruce manages to escape and heads to Gotham to stop Bane Meanwhile..
Bane has trapped almost all of the cities police force in underground tunnels, killed the mayor and blocked off all access tunnels and bridges.
Bane has turned the Reactor into a nuclear Commissioner Gordon and John Blake organize a small resistance group and plan to overthrow Bane. Bruce Returns to Gotham and frees the policemen and prepares an assault on Bane.
Assault is successful, but Miranda reveals she is Talia Al Ghul and shes been working with Bane and that the Reactor will still explode Batman flies the reactor out over the Gotham bay saving the city and sacrificing himself. John Blake quits GCPD and inherits the Batcave.
Alfred finds that Bruce is still alive. Bane breaks Batman's back and brings him to The Pit to die as revenge for defeating the League of Shadows Week 4 Bruce escapes certain death in The Pit
On his third try, Bruce climbs to freedom not only because of his body but because of his mind (soul)
Overcomes the pain and is able to save Gotham Directors Intention Nolan has often stated that the film was meant to be a film about overcoming.
In previous films, Batman overcomes Fear and Chaos
In This Film batman must overcome Pain. Prayer Experience What pain in your life keeps you from being all that you can be?
What can you do to overcome the pain and be the person you're fully able to be?
Who can i help in my life to overcome their pain and struggle? Personal Connection Batman has always been an important pop culture icon in my life Week 3/4 themes similar to the movie have permeated my life
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