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A Rowing Coach

No description

Amy Messersmith

on 5 January 2018

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Transcript of A Rowing Coach

Goals in coaching
Plan, instruct and assess performance at a variety of levels:
Juniors, Masters, Learn to Row, competitve and recreational community programs

Assist with programming
community service

Philosophy of Coaching
Coaching with video
I believe video analysis is an essential tool to help explain what it is a coach is seeing in a rower in order to help them improve.
This video is from a Varsity women's 4+ practice on the Hudson River in Troy, NY, with the RPI Rowing club.
Coaching by example
Coaching in


Amy M. Messersmith
Coaching philosophy
and goals
I continue to row to improve my own skills that in turn allows me to better express technique in ways the athletes understand. It allows me to stay in touch with the feeling of rowing and understand my rowers' needs better.
For more information.....
Coaching requires
and the
of the athlete at any age. We plan, instruct and assess according to the
athletes’ needs
so that individuals and teams are able to establish, visualize and attain their goals. We develop
and many
life skills
within the rowers and among each other on the team’s staff.
at various levels is an integral part of the development, from erg tests to major regattas. It’s a
we train for, testing what is learned and creating new situations to learn from. I believe “winning”, then, is relative to these goals.

Few sports allow you to start, continue and/or pick up at any stage of life.
There are endless ways in which other people have a say in what you do. You get to choose your sport and make it part of your life.
I chose rowing.
Coaching by video

Coaching by example
Collaborate with a team of coaches, board members, parents and community members

Continue to attend conferences and other
for coaches and
coxswains, as well as topics in nutrition and training.
Erging at an indoor race in Troy, NY
Sculling in Atlanta, GA
Program Development
I made this video for the Austin Rowing Club 'Intro to Rowing' course as a promotional tool. It is my goal to reach out to a wide range of people in different ways and then to teach them how to row safely and respectfully.
This is similar to teaching
for me in that I have taught
English and Spanish to all
ages, from kinder kids to
businessmen and women,
daycare to college. I find
enjoyment in the challenge of
reaching the individual on their
level to help them learn something I am passionate about.

Phone: 518 577 4041
Personal Trainer, ACE Fitness 2016
US Rowing Assistant Referee, 2014
USRowing Level 3 Certified, 2011
CPR/First Aid Certified, 2017
Boat safety certified, 2009
Program Development
Hiawatha Island Boat Club, Les Wagner Boathouse, Binghamton Crew (1997-2001)
Erging video coaching
At the Austin Rowing Club, indoor rowing is part of the Intro classes and I would help them understand my critiques better with video.
Parking the trailer for an on campus recruiting event
@RPI, Troy NY
I brought the trailer to an Elementary School presentation with RPI rowers. (Troy, NY)
It's important to reach out to the community, especially since rowing is not a usual school sport. Many families have never heard of it.
Getting college students or seniors involved helps develop their leadership skills.
In other words: Coach to win; then work out the rest.
Goals: Learn from my team,
give back,
row and compete
Indoor race and relay
with juniors from Shaker Crew, Niskayuna, NY (2014)
More information
At the Shaker Rowing Association during winter training I used video analysis, as well as team building activities.
video here of
Shaker kids
Email: MsMezz05@gmail.com
Saratoga Lake, Fish Creek
Sectionals Regatta 2014, Dockmaster
Storm King coach
Fall 2014: Coached an international group of boys from the boarding school, Storm King, in the Hudson Valley.

All but two spoke English as their first language. After a rough head race at the Schuylkill, they finished the season with the boys 8+ in 2nd place.

The highlight was taking them to the indoor tanks at West Point.
They did a marshmallow building communicating exercises in order to think about how they communicate in the boat and follow instructions.
Helping a coxswain
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