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Math Vertical Planning

No description

Sabrina Smith

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Math Vertical Planning

by: Sabrina Smith
Math Vertical Planning
Think-Write-Pair-Share: "Vertical Planning"
Activating Activity
Looking vertically at the Common Core Standards for Mathematics, teachers will work collaboratively to review standards across grade levels and develop a deep understanding of what is required in the upper grades. Teachers will be actively involved in cross-grade level discussions of problems students have with the standard in the higher grade level and brainstorming instructional ideas that will help teachers in the lower grades better prepare their students.
Through communication and cooperation, teams design curricular change and create support structures necessary to make high achievement by all students a reality.
In vertical teams, teachers from different grade levels work together to develop a continuum of knowledge and skills that build from one grade level to the next. Team communication leads to a greater understanding of what is taught each year, which helps teachers organize strategies, plan introduction of concepts, and reduce repetition of content. As a result, student achievement and success is enhanced.

What is vertical planning?
 Participate in a positive manner with a goal of consensus
 Honor time
 Stay focused with results in mind
 Listen respectfully with possibility
 Maintain confidentiality and be trustworthy
 Give and be open to honest feedback
 Commit to Action

What are the goals of vertical team planning?
Increase achievement for all students to close the achievement gap
To bring about coordination and communication between grade levels
To foster greater inclusion
To introduce skills, concepts, and assessment methods to prepare students for success in advanced coursework
To encourage innovation and thinking outside of the box

Vertical Team Planning in Action
What is the focus of the vertical team session?
a. Analyze Common Core Standards
b. Discuss specific strategies that are used to in order to teach mathematics standards/skills.

Activity #1
"Four Corners"
Activity #2
Vertical Planning"
a. What did you learn from this activity?
b. Was it an effective activity? Why?
c. How could we improve on the activity?
d. How will this activity help you to improve student learning?
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