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History of the Internet

No description

Oiwan Lam

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of History of the Internet

History of the Internet and its message
Giant computer for data processing 1946 ENIAC
1957- remote processing and time sharing of machines
Oct 1957 USSR launch its satellite - nuclear missile crisis
Feb 1958 US military established Defense Advanced Project Agency - http://www.darpa.mil/ - ARPA net - military network
RAND corporation (1946) - Paul Baran packet switching via phone line in 1964. http://www.rand.org/
Oil crisis 1973 / 1979
1969 First ARPANET nodes
Interface message processor (IMP) for computer connection 1967 -1969
Network Control Program for sub-network
1983 The University of Wisconsin created Domain Name System (DNS); NCP transition to TCP/IP
1976 European Informatics Network developed by CYCLADES (France) with 20 nodes
1977 International organizations for Standardization (ISO) - Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) - ITU
1978 International packet switched service - a collaboration between UK's General Post Office, Western Union International (Finance) and the US' Tymnet.
1980 The IPSS network extended from Europe to U.S, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia.
1985 (NSFNET) National Science Foundation commissioned an international university network - 56kb/s - 1.5mb/s
End of Cold War 1981-1992
1986 The Internet Engineering Task Force or IETF to coordinate ARPANET, US Defense Data Network (DDN), and the Internet core gateway system.
1981 BITNET and CSNET (The Computer Science Network) - USA university computer network -usenet
1990 ARPANET disbanded and replaced by NSFNET
1990 Tim Berners-Lee and CERN implements hypertext system
1992 Internet Society chartered; CERN released WWW
1993 NSF set up internet governance body interNIC (network information center) - network solution for domain name registration. Handover to ICANN in 1998.
EPIC 2015
Q: What are the major developments in the past two decades?
Q: What are the lessons we can learn from the history of the Internet?
The medium is the message
- what are the messages of the Internet technologies?
Class research: the development of Internet in China and its lesson
Light Bulb as a medium;
what is its message?
human extensions &
social relation
psychology & perception
human organization
My encounter with Facebook
How does technology innovated? What are the forces that drive the development?Who are the main actors in the shaping of the internet? How?
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