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Closing the Skills Gap

No description

Todd Butler

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Closing the Skills Gap

Closing the
skills gap


Employers invest
training/education of their future workforce through internships, co-ops, and other
opportunities for experience & exposure
to middle skills
Resources & programs are in place to
efficiently match
interested (students and adults)
with appropriate PST/E programs.
Elementary, middle, and high schools
adequately prepare students for success
in PST/E.
Our community understands
that middle skills job opportunities are plentiful and are a
major attribute of our region’s economy
, today and in the future. 
Middle skills jobs are seen as
desirable pathways
to meaningful, long-term careers.
Students and parents are aware
that middle skills jobs are good-paying, offer career advancement, and don’t start with a 4-year degree.
Resources and programs are in place to efficiently
match skilled candidates with employers
PST/E providers
specific programs that prepare learners
a dynamic variety of meaningful middle
skills jobs.
High schools define success as
100% of students pursuing post-secondary training/education (PST/E)
as a pathway to meaningful employment.
Unemployed/underemployed people are aware
middle skills jobs are currently available, good-paying, offer career advancement & don’t require a 4-year
A sustainable solution:
change the way we prepare -- and prepare for -- the future workforce
People seeking meaningful, long-term employment
...The #1 way to ensure regional economic growth
build demand for middle skills opportunity among current and future workers
The need is immediate:
we have a constant stream of youth aging into the working world
1000s of unfilled jobs placing a cap on the economic engine of local companies
Culinary Team

Outreach and Programming
2015 Goal:

60 Placements
Health Care Team

Outreach and Programming
2015 Goal:

XX Placements
Skilled Trades Team

Outreach and Programming
2015 Goal:

XX Placements
Adv. Manuf.

Outreach and Programming
2015 Goal:

XX Placements
IT Team

Outreach and Programming
2015 Goal:

XX Placements
hard to achieve scale
in the long term
in the near term
scalable approach
hard to show quick results
Culinary Team Presentations in Schools
CASH Program
FAME / RTMA Outreach
Media Coverage of Middle Skills Issue
Business Leaders United Affiliation
Poverty Initiatives
East High
U of R
Edison Reforms
Work-Scholarship Connection
Excel Center
co-ops, internships,
MCC/ Eastman
Business Park
Job Fairs
VOC Programs for Vets
Part time employment while in H.S.
Be opportunistic about achieving short-term placement targets (WHO: Teams)
Develop set of prioritized lead measures to drive action on long-term priorities (WHO: Theory of Change Workgroup)
Measure, report & refine (WHO: All)
Carpe Diem
In partnership with the secondary and post-secondary training and education community, these teams will look for opportunities to have immediate impact on middle skills job placements for all job seekers.
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