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Mesopotamian Engineering

Social Studies 7

Statia benny

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Mesopotamian Engineering

Boats were a big part in the spread of civilization. We first made little boats that we could carry to send goods down the river for trade. Then the large boats were made for people, and exploring. We discovered more good farming lands across oceans and transported goods and the materials they needed.
In Mesopotamia, they needed something to transport heavy objects, so they invented the wheel. People started using wheels on carts to carefully move pottery or other fragile objects to the market. We then learnt to train horses and donkeys to pull people in these carts. With out the wheel, many things we need wouldn't exist.
About Engineering
Mesopotamia was an important part in learning about human civilization. Humans went from hunters and gatherers to farmers. This is where civilization started. They needed engineering for building homes, stores, boats, and carts. All these things are still in use today, but of course, they've been modified through out the past millennium or so.
Thousands of years ago, the Mesopotamians believed that in order for the gods to hear them, they needed to get closer. So they built giant step towers of mud brick. These step towers (ziggurats) were where the people prayed and left offerings. you would find a ziggurat in the center of each major city.
Houses and store buildings were some of the first buildings in the little Mesopotamian villages. Houses were built out of cut sandstone blocks or mud bricks. In the poorer sections, they would share walls to cut down on construction costs. In the richer sections, the houses stood alone. they had at least three floors and a flat roof. The first floor was the court yard, the second floor was were they kept the food, and the third was were the slept.
Mesopotamian Engineering
The Wheel
In Canada!
In Canada (and in many other places) we use the wheel for cars and bicycles. they are also used in machines. The wheel was a huge step in the direction of the modern world.
In Canada!
In Canada!
In Canada, people might go to churches to pray. In fact, not every one has a religion. Zigurats were the tallest buildings in all of Mesopotamia, here in Canada you would see skyscrapers, like in Ontario, the C.N. tower.
In Canada
In Canada we have all kinds of different houses. there are a few with 4 floors and some with only one. We also have apartment buildings with only a few rooms. Some are made of log, or brick, or stone. We have the kitchen, the bathroom(s), the living room, and how ever many bedrooms as people in the house (although some siblings have to share a bedroom).
In Canada!
In Canada we have many types of boats. There are ferries, sail boats, canoes, kyakes, row boats, motor boats, and cruise ships. People like boats!
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