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Glow Sticks!

No description

Megan LeMarr

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Glow Sticks!

A chemical analysis
Glow Sticks!
Megan LeMarr

How Glow Sticks Work
The chemical reaction in glow sticks is a "redox", which means a reduction oxidation reaction. A glow stick contains hydrogen peroxide and a solution of phenyl oxalate ester with fluorescent dye. The hydrogen peroxide is in a glass vial inside of the plastic tube. When the glow stick is bent, the glass vial breaks and the two solutions mix together. The phenyl oxalate ester is oxidized by the hydrogen peroxide making a chemical called phenol. It also makes an unstable peroxyacid ester, which decomposes into carbon dioxide. As it decomposes, energy is released to the dye. In the dye, the electrons in the atoms bounce around to a higher level, and light is produced from their energy.
Purpose of Glow Sticks
Glow sticks are used for many different types of reasons, but their main purpose is to produce light in situations. They are used for fun and practical reasons. Glow sticks are a good source of light as they cheap, portable, and disposable.
Safety Precautions
Glow sticks are safe as long as the stick is not cut or punctured. Some glow sticks contain a glass vial, which if the stick is cut, pieces of glass could hurt you. All glow sticks are full of chemicals. These chemicals can irritate or burn your eyes, skin, or mouth and throat if ingested.
Health & Well-being
If glow sticks are cut open, the chemicals, if ingested, could have a negative effect on your health.
They have positive effect on your well-being. Glow sticks remind us of being young, and they are used on happy occasions.
Chemical Equation
Stoichiometry Problems
Chemical Reaction
The chemical reaction that takes place is a redox reaction.
The emission of light through a TV or a fluorescent light bulb.
The emission of light through heat, like a light bulb.
H₂O₂ (aq) + C₁₄H₁₀O₄ (aq) + dye->C₆H₂Cl₃OH + 2CO₂ + excited dye
Mol - Mass
A C₁₄H₁₀O₄ solution has 12.6 mols contained. Find the mass (g) of H₂O₂.

12.6 mol C₁₄H₁₀O₄ x 1 mol H₂O₂ x 34.014 g H₂O₂ = 429 g H₂O₂
1 1 mol C₁₄H₁₀O₄ 1 mol H₂O₂
Mol - Mol
There are 3.62 mols of H₂O₂. How many mols are in a solution of CO₂?

3.62 mol H₂O₂ x 2 mol CO₂ = 7.24 mols CO₂
1 1 mol H₂O₂
Mass - Mol
How many mols of trichlorophenyl oxalate, C₁₄H₁₀O₄, will be produced from 60.0 g C₆H₂Cl₃OH?

60.0 g C₆H₂Cl₃OH X 1 mol CO₂ x 1 mol C₁₄H₁₀O₄ = 0.391 mols C₁₄H₁₀O₄
1 153.366 g C₆H₂Cl₃OH 1 mol C₆H₂Cl₃OH
Mass - Mass
How many grams of hydrogen peroxide is produced by 500. g of carbon dioxide?

500. g CO₂ x 1 mol CO₂ x 1 mol H₂O₂ x 34.014 g H₂O₂ = 773 g H₂O₂
1 44.009 g CO₂ 2 mol CO₂ 1 mol H₂O₂
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