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The Soldier by Rupert Brooke

No description

Amanda Grimm

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of The Soldier by Rupert Brooke

The poem "the soldier" Rupert Brooke talks about death not in a gruesome way but in a blissful way. During this time war was ranging on and instead of being scare to die for his country he sees it as a humble way. Brooke states, "If I should die...That is forever England" . This means that no matter where his body may lie that is a piece of England forever there in that place. According to Shmoop University, Inc. it stated that, "it is not so much a gruesome death on the battle field that preoccupies Brooke as it is the blissful after life that the soldier will get to experience" (Shmoop University, Inc.). This supports the fact that Brooke would be proud and honor to die for his country. while most would be scared to die Brooke sees it as having a piece of England forever where he may lie, no matter where that would be.
Amanda Grimm

There is a continuous message about death throughout this poem. While it’s so easy to refer to death as negative, Brooke’s sheds a new light by making it something positive. According the site Schmoop, “ Instead, the speaker suggests that dying on a battlefield while claiming more land for one’s country is a noble, even heroic, an ideal way to go out.” The soldier is in fact noble, sacrificing his life to defend liberty. He imagines life after death as peaceful. Something as evil as war, the soldier remains happy and optimistic. If only people in today’s world had that mentality, we might all be able to live in peace one day.

Aubrey Rentschler.

The poem’s structure is a sonnet that develops a straightforward manner to a logical conclusion. According to G. F. Griffiths in his analysis “The Soldier – Rupert Brooke Notes”, he talks about how “this sonnet finds a soldier speculating as he goes away to war about his possible death, which he feels should not be mourned, but understand as part of a selfless tribute to his much-loved England”. This provides detail on the main point of The Soldier by Rupert Brooke. Similarly, the poem’s structure plays a major role in the entire theme of the poem. In the poem, it’s describing if he were to die as a soldier, all evil will end and be peaceful. Heaven is a better place for a soldier.
The Soldier by Rupert Brooke
Structure (continued).
A shift does occur in this poem throughout the whole sonnet. It is all organized by theme because it’s not necessarily telling a story by just ideas. The rhyme scheme is ababcdcd abcabc. It is different and contributes to the theme because it emphasizes if he were to die. An example from the poem is “If I should die, think only this of me … That is for ever England. There shall be…” (1-3). The Soldier is enjambed and occurs from one quatrain to the next one. It pauses in the middle of random lines also. However, some sentences are run on and have many commas.
Ashley Even

Speaker/Literal Meaning
The Speaker/Literal meaning of “The Soldier” is about a narrator name Rupert Brooke who is talking about his compassion and love for the country England. He looks at death as a noble honor. Shmoop.com,Inc. stated “To die in battle for one’s country is noble, even honorable.” Rupert has a patriotic tone throughout this poem when he is explaining his love for his country and the happiness it brings him. There is no type of irony in this poem but you can tell Brooke’s is the speaker in this poem because he is precisely defined throughout the poem when he is speaking from the heart and telling the audience (which is England) how much he cares for his country and the thing he would risk to keep England safe
Darra Roach
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Shmoop Editorial Team. "The Soldier Themes."
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Ashley Even
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