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Frederick Douglass' Children

Frederick Douglass had five children. Three boys, and two girls.

Kayla Marie

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Frederick Douglass' Children

Kayla Hartman Frederick Douglass' Children Rosetta Douglass
1839-1906 Born in New Bedford, Massachuettes Lewis Henry Douglas
Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts Married: Helen Amelia Loguen in
Rochester, New York

Children: None

Enlisted in the 54th Massachusetts
on March 25, 1863 Charles Remond Douglass (1844-1920)
Married: Mary Elizabeth Murphy

Children:Charles Frederick Douglass
Joseph Henry Douglass
Annie Elizabeth Douglass
Julia Ada Douglass
Mary Louise Douglass
Edward Douglass

Remarried: Laura Antoinette Haley

Children: Haley George Douglass Frederick Douglass Jr. (1842-1892)

Married: Virginia Hewlett

Children: Frederick Aaron Douglass
Jean Hewlett Douglass
Lewis Henry Douglass
Maud Ardelle Douglass
Charles Paul Douglass
Gertrude Paul Douglass
Robert Small Douglass Annie Douglass
1849-1860 Not married.
No children.

Died around the age of ten.
Sickness. Married: Nathan Sprague

Children: Annie Rosine Sprague Norris
Harriet Bailey Sprague
Alice Louise Sprague
Estelle Irene Sprague Weaver
Fredericka Douglass Sprague Perry
Herbert Douglass Sprague
Rosebelle Mary Sprague Jones Rather than send his daughter to the all black school that the city set up, Douglass sent his daughter to a private school and eventually resorted to tutors for her, and her younger siblings', education. http://www.math.buffalo.edu/~sww/0history/hwny-douglass-family.html



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