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Talk 4: Our Christian Culture in SFC

No description

Katrina Hipol

on 22 June 2013

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Transcript of Talk 4: Our Christian Culture in SFC

Talk 4: Our Christian Culture in
CFC Singles for Christ

What is culture?
learned sets of ideas and behaviours that are acquired by people as members of society
culture is the way of life of people
Christianity is a culture since our way of life is inspired by Christ's own life
Our Christian Culture in SFC
SFC is a Christian community with distinct beliefs, values and patterns of life
Our "vision and mission" provides the direction and the rationale for our existence
We are an evangelistic community
Our "statement of philosophy" contains the beliefs and ideals of SFC, which governs our vision and mission
Expressions of Christian Culture in SFC
The way we build our lives as part of a body
The way we relate to one another
The way we relate to God
SFC is ONE body throughout the world, with ONE vision, ONE mission, and also ONE culture
God wants us to create a new humanity, one that would live His life on earth. We are to be witnesses to His work in our lives
Our response will determine the effectiveness of our witness. Our positive response will keep us united and will enable the Lord to use us for His mission
SFC Statement of Philosophy
1. We believe that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we safeguard its sanctity by being pure in thought, word, and deed.
2. We believe in the sanctity of human life and the right of the unborn child.
3. Our gifts, talents and resources are given by God to serve and glorify Him.
4. Marriage is indissoluble and is created by God for love and procreation.

SFC Statement of Philosophy cont'd
5. Both man and woman have equal personal worth and dignity. God's order for the family is expressed in roles, with husband as head and wife as helpmate.
6. Family life is important in the plan of God.
7. The family shares in the life and mission of the Church through: Prayers, Evangelization, and Service to others
8. Christian family renewal is best achieved through the power of the Holy Spirit and the full use of all charismatic gifts.

SFC Vision: "Every single man and woman all over the world experiencing Christ."

SFC Mission: "Building the Church of the Home and Building the Church of the Poor"
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