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How To Save a Life by Sara Zarr

No description

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of How To Save a Life by Sara Zarr

How To Save a Life by Sara Zarr Meagan Prosise
1st fact
One Fact is that Sara Zarr used to right all kinds of books but never thought she would ever write young adult books. Young adult books is all she writes know.
2nt fact
She was a judge at the National Book Association.
3rd fact
Has moved many times, but currently lives in Salt Lake City with her husband.
The story involves the main characters Jill MacSweeny and Mandy Kalinowski. Other people include Jill boyfriend Dylan who is so sweat and caring and emo. Jills mother Robin, who is optimistic, strong, and hard working. Mandy's step father and mother who are abusive and alcoholics. Chris (who might be the bays father) is the only experience of love she has ever had. Of course baby Lola who is little and cute! Ravi who is kind and and funny and Jill might just be falling for him.
Jills side
Jills father has just died 10 months ago. She has grown up as an only child with no worries, but was a normal teen that never listened. After her dad died her and her mom Robin have been living alone. She has isolated her self from anyone who could help or love her. Her mom decides to adopt a baby, and she feels as if she is trying to replace her dad. She has lost herself and is trying to find out who she is while moving on and holding on at the same time. This story includes her journey and her life path.
Mandys Side
Mandy life has always been hard. Her mom is mean, sexist, and a bad mom at that. Her boyfriend at the time has raped her multiple times and she is currently pregnant. She Is confused on who the father is her love, Chris, or her step father. She leaves and wants to give her baby up for adoption, but she/he might be the only close thing to love that she will find. She finds Robin online and comes to her house to have the baby and give it up. She loves this baby, but wants her to have so much more than what she had. She is confused on what to do. She has no idea where she is going from there. The ending is unbelievable and shows you how the path of these two girls saves a life, or two.
Why like this book
This book is emotional and heart braking. I can relate to hard times and loosing yourself in the heartache. I love how involved I got in the book; hoping for both girls to find themselves and there place in life. I learned so much from a few hundred pages, and other girls life and mistakes. I was really close to my family the whole book, and it could not have come at a better time. This book changed my way of looking at things. The crossing of paths of these two girls saved so many lives; in and out of the book.
Because of the two different girls, this book has many settings. A few of the main places is a train, Jills house, a book store, the school, Dylan's house (Jills boyfriend) One of Mandy's step dads apartments, and the fair.
This book is a Young Adult fiction book
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