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Introduction to AS Psychology (AQA A)

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Andy Flanagan

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to AS Psychology (AQA A)

Psychology Team
Introduction to Psychology
Cognitive Psychology: Memory
Developmental Psychology
Research Methods
PSYA1 - 50% of AS
PSYA2 - 50% of AS
Biological Psychology: Stress
Social Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Cognitive Psychology

How do our memories work?
What factors can affect memory?
How can we improve our memories?
Mr Flanagan
Developmental Psychology
How do we form relationships?
Types of attachment...
How can day care affect social development?
Research Methods
How do psychologists gather data?
How do we design experiments?

You will also get a chance to carry out your own scientific research...
Biological Psychology
How do our bodies respond to stress?

What causes stress?

How can we manage stress?
Social Psychology
Why do people obey others?

How can other people affect our decisions?

Why do some people resist pressure and others do not?

How can a few people affect the decisions of the masses?
Abnormal Psychology
What is 'normal' mental health?
How do we treat abnormal behaviour?

Drug treatments...
Psychological treatments...
Summer exam
1 hour 30 mins
Summer exam
1 hour 30 mins
Skills you need as a Psychologist...

Psychology is a SCIENCE and so you will need good mathematical skills.

You will be writing timed essays so will be expected to write clearly using correct grammar.

You need to show knowledge and understanding of psychological concepts, theories and studies (AO1)

You need to analyse and evaluate psychological theories and studies (AO2)

You need to show knowledge and skills in relation to how science works and how research is carried out (AO3)
Exam structure...

You must answer every question on both exams

Questions vary from multiple-choice and short essay questions to scenario questions

In many areas of Psychology there is no right or wrong answer - it is essential for you to develop skills to allow you to weigh up evidence and identify the most appropriate explanation!
What do I need for Psychology lessons?
One (or more) ringbinder files to store and organise notes
Lined A4 paper with margin
Coloured pens/highlighters

A stapler and a hole-punch may be helpful...

Homework - must be completed on time. You will be given plenty of time to complete it. You should spend a further 3 hours a week minimum on revision/notes etc

Independent study - this is your AS level and not all learning will be done in class. Read up on subject!

Behaviour and attendance - be punctual, classes are not optional! No mobile phones!

Revision/support sessions

Catch up sessions - if you do miss a lesson, speak to me and we can arrange this!
Careers in Psychology
Clinical Psychologist
Educational Psychologist
Sport Psychologist
Occupational Psychologist
Forensic Psychologist
Counselling Psychology
AS & A2 Psychology/Sociology
GCSE Sociology
If you want to buy a text book then you can.
However, this is optional.

A good book from Nelson Thorne is 'AS Psychology AQA A' (ed Simon Green)
What is Psychology?

Write on your post it note your understanding
of what Psychology is. Talk to the person next to
you if you need some ideas.

Taking Psychology at A-Level is hard work. You must be sure you are motivated to take the course.

If you have any questions or need guidance on whether it is right for you come and speak to me privately. Have a good summer!
Psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behaviour and metal processes.

Basically it is concerned with explanations of behaviour.

It has the following main approaches:

Social Learning Theory

What other subjects do you think psychology is related to? Can you think of specific examples?
Study of groups in society
Study of cultures
Study of organisms
structure and function
You have 10 seconds to look at the following
list of numbers. Do not write anything just try and remember them. After 20 seconds try and write the list down.
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