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Isis the goddess of love ,magic , and motherhood

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on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Isis the goddess of love ,magic , and motherhood

Isis had 3 siblings. They were her brother and husband Osiris, her sister Nephthys, and her other brother Set, who fratrisised his brother Osiris.
Different Names
Isis was called the "All goddess" and "The goddess of ten thousand names.
Isis is the goddess of love, magic, motherhood, rebirth, and the protective goddess. Her name is also Greek and it means "Throne."
Isis the goddess of love ,magic , and motherhood

Her Life

When Isis married her brother Osiris, her other brother Set was jealous of their love. TH he trapped Osiris in a wooden box and threw him in the Nile. Isis searched for him and when she discovered him she brought his body back to Egypt . When Set found out, he was furious. He hacked Osiris into 14 pieces and hid them around the desert. Isis went searching for his body parts with a team of 7 scorpions.
By: Gemini McFarland
How the Egyptians worshiped her
*They worshiped her in the temples throughout the land.

*The first temple dedicated to her was built by Nectancbo II in dynasty thirty

*Who built the first temple to worship her?

*What was she the goddess of?

*What does her name mean in greek?

*When she went searching for her husbands body parts who did she bring to help?
Be prepared to answer some questions at the end of this presentation!
This is a picture of Nefrititi making an offering to Isis.
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Isis wore a sheath dress an and a statue of an empty throne on her headres
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