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The true story of Eva Galler a Holocaust survivor

By: Keshonti Harris

keshonti harris

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of The true story of Eva Galler a Holocaust survivor

The True story of Eva Galler
a Holocaust survivor By: Keshonti Harris Eva Galler was born in Poland, Oleszyce. There was about 7,000 families that lived in her community. And half of them were jews her dad was the head of the jewish community Kehillah. Her mother was 18 and her father was 34. They matched up her mother in father because she was rich and because he promised to take in all her sister's. she didn't want to marry him. After they got married her mother had 8 kids in she was the oldest , and at that time it was unimportant for a girl to have an education. At that time jewish and the Christian kids was not allowed to talk to each other. and the Christians where told that the jews killed Christians and on Easter they throw stones at the jews but they where not pogroms at that time. Until the Germans came to Poland. Her father didn't think it was important for her to go to high school ,so she just went up to seventh grade. Eva went on a hunger strike she then had locked her self in a room until her father said she can go to high school.she had also went to Cheder to get a religious education. They Were Living In Conditions Of Hunger And Fear, But They Were Still in Their Own Homes. People Made Hiding Places in Their Houses To Hide From The Germans. Some Of Their Hiding places Were In The Attic Behind A Double Wall. If They Made Noise's it Was a Matter Of Life And Death. They took us to a cattle train. People Started running Away, But They were shot. Eva , Her Brother and sister Jumped out The Window, When Eva Went Back To Look For Them she found them dead, she was the only one who didn't get shot. Out Of 3,000 Jewish People Only 12 People Were Still alive.
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