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iPad Movie-Making Workshop

Made by J. Pack

Jessica Pack

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of iPad Movie-Making Workshop

to Movie-Making

Movie-Making with iPads
iPad Movie-Making
with Jessica Pack
Please go to

or scan the QR code to download the unit plan.

KWL Using
Why Make Movies?
Movies = Standards in Action
Planning & Pacing
Plan a schedule that works for you
Target more than one standard at a time
Don't wait until spring, the end of the year, next year, etc.
Be thoughtful, but be flexible
Front-load some tech skills
Common Core
College & Career Readiness
Emphasis on shared responsibility for literacy
Emphasis on process
Digital literacy and tech skills
Produce & consume media
The 4 C's of Common Core
Critical Thinking
Creativity & Innovation
Tech & CCSS
Technology is embedded in Common Core content standards.
Technology can be seen in the College & Career Readiness Anchor Standards.
CCSS W.6.6
6. Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing as well as to interact and collaborate with others...
CCSS Lit. W.6 for 6-8th
6. Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and present the relationships between information and ideas clearly and efficiently.
Mini Lessons
iPad 101
Film Angles
Script Writing
Follow me @Packwoman208

Using Movies to
Assess Mastery

How do Movies Assess Mastery?
Performance assessment
Formative or summative
Digital literacy
Process writing
Language skills
Critical thinking
Higher Bloom's
Explore: Other Academic Videos
Because multitasking is fun...
Room to join: ipadmovies
Go to
Instructional Sequence
Teach content peppered with tech mini-lessons
Create a simple, highly structured movie as a whole class to teach iMovie skills
Continue to teach content
Write/Storyboard a small group project
Film and Edit a small group project
Publish and Share with an authentic audience
Teach Content: Propaganda (6th)
Snob Appeal
"Big Giant Crayons"
"Puppet Pals"
Now, it's your turn!
Work in teams of 3-4 people. I will give you a product and you will plan, film, edit, and publish a commercial using propaganda.
Exporting & Sharing Student Work
Export to your camera roll, then plug your device into the computer. Make sure to turn off automatic sync. Import movie files.
Authentic audiences
Front-load technology skills
Structure time and student roles
Always have a Plan B in mind
Start small, then grow
No storyboard? No script? No iPad.
Set clear expectations
iPad Project
Compare and contrast
Chronicle an experiment
Solve real world math problems
Make an argument with evidence
Profile a historical figure
Public Service Announcements
Short Films or Film Challenges
The Highly-Structured
First Movie
You remain in control
You control the outcome
You assess readiness
Stays in your classroom
First and Third Person Narration
Example Activity
When you do this with your kids, adapt and change this activity to fit your content area!
Adapt & Change
Make a commercial about irrigation in Social Studies
Make a "good deal" and a "bad deal" commercial in math, then have students explain why each is good or bad.
Make a science public service announcement about energy
Lesson Plan
Use your pacing guide, teacher's edition, planning resources, etc., to develop a lesson plan for movie-making in your content area.
Don't forget to work in the tech mini-lessons.
iPad Movie Trailers
Built-in storyboard structure
Animation and graphics
Preset music
Time efficient
Strategies: Snob Appeal, Stereotyping
Other Movie-Making Apps
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