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Job Analysis Tools - Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ)

No description

Miss Laine

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Job Analysis Tools - Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ)

-There are 195 job elements
Key points
Description of Method
Job Analyisis Tools -
Position Analysis Questionnaire

excellent information
good reliability
available "off the shelf"
use with small number of SMEs
computerized scoring
most cost efficient
many benchmarks
readability problematic
job differences not always accounted for
time and cost for job analyst
more suitable for blue-collar
requires college-level reading ability
-PAQ has a respected level of reliability
A structured Position Analysis Questionnaire:
-Focuses on the general behaviours that make up a job
-Assumes that all jobs can be characterized in terms of a limited number in human abilities
-Usually the person who fills out the questionnaire are supervisors or Job Analysts
PAQ is used for:
-Job evaluation
-Determination of training needs,
-Performance appraisal
Reliability and Validity
-A Position Analysis Questionnaire is a high reading level.
by M. Laine Hayles and Paige Wiseman
Catano, V.M., Wiesner, W. H. & Hackett, R. D. (2013).

Recruitment and Selection in Canada (5th ed.),
p. 131
Toronto: Nelson Education.
-example of a job element could be "Basic mathematics skills as a cashier"
It's a questionnaire form!
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