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All my babies are gone now

No description

Luis Rivera

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of All my babies are gone now

All my babies are gone now
1. Reinforcement: The action or process of strengthening
2. Battered:injured by repeating blows
3. Discernible: not obvious not being able to stop
4 .unreliable: not being reliable or trusted to do something
5.Humbling: not proud or arrogant, modest
6. Developmentally:th state or act of developing or changing
7.Excavate: to remove from something, extracting
8.Tantrums: an uncontrolled burst of anger or frustration.
The theme of this story tells us how her children are growing up and how time not only goes by fast but how she is in disbelief that they are all grown up. In addition she remembers all the good and bad times not only that but that regardless of what the experts told her she managed to raise all three of her children.
The characters in the story are :
the parent of the story which is
also the narrator.
The three children
the "Experts" writers of the books on how to raise your children
The conflict of the story is that the mother wanted to spend more time cherishing moments with the three of her children but didn't do so before, so now she lives with that regret.
The resolution of the story was that even though she didn't spend time with her children and she didn't raise them the way the books told her she still ended up with three great children and now is accepting the fact that they are all adults.
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