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SWE Conference Presentation 2014

Community Service as a Means of Inspiring Engineering Students for 2/22/14 SWE Conference at The Ohio State University

Liz Riter

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of SWE Conference Presentation 2014

Community Service
as a Means of Inspiring
Engineering Students

Why do students choose to study engineering?
"My parents think I should be an engineer"
"I was always good at math and science"
"I want to make a lot of money"

The goal of this project is to find ways to INSPIRE students to pursue engineering by making a difference in their COMMUNITY.

Current Examples of this:
ECOS Honduras Service-Learning Experience at Ohio State
EPICS Program at Purdue University

Sample Group
Green Engineering Scholars
Approximately 250 first and second year students
High achieving, well-rounded students
Average Composite ACT: 29.01
Average Cumulative GPA: 3.147
Themes of program: sustainability, social responsibility, innovation
Co-curricular programming
Living/learning community

Toy Adaptation Project
What does this project entail?

Where did I hear about this project?

How did I initiate this project?

Why did I take on this project?
Elizabeth Riter
Originally from Cleveland
BS, MS in Civil/Structural Engineering from Ohio State
Worked as Structural Engineer in Chicago, IL in nuclear industry
Current Role at Ohio State:
Engineering Undeclared Academic Advisor
Green Engineering Scholars Program Coordinator
2 successful workshops run at Ohio State
59 Ohio State students participated
19 or 32.2% female students
53% returned for 2nd
5 faculty members helped
4 high school students participated
2 partnerships developed
Nisonger Center
Katelyn's Krusade
2 internships evolved
50 toys donated
to local adapted
toy libraries reaching....
50 families in Columbus

Elizabeth Riter, MS
February 22, 2014

Moving Forward
Holding more workshops!
Seeking grant funding
Researching the impact this truly has on students
Starting an EPICS Program at Ohio State....?
Thank you for you time and attention today!
Elizabeth Riter
"No longer is engineering just a bunch of equations, now I see it as a means to help mankind."
-Anonymous Purdue EPICS Student
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