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No description

jesse ott

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Heaven

What is Heaven?
A place where all suffering ends
A beautiful afterlife
The eyes of the blind will see and the deaf will hear
It is a place to be full of joy, harmony, and peacefulness
God is waiting at the
Golden Gates
Historical figures like Jesus Christ
What will it be like in Heaven?
No time limits
No restrictions
No evilness
Some are chosen to become Angels
What does Heaven offer us?
Eternal life
God's love
By: Jesse Ott
What are some details of Heaven?
What are the Different multiple
perspectives of Heaven?
What is the Christian belief of Heaven?
Heaven and Hell
Your sins will be forgiven and you will ascend to Heaven
Enjoy the presence of God
No suffering and pain
What is the Jewish belief of heaven?
There is a Heaven
Their souls are cleansed before one can go to Heaven
A type of Hell they call Gehinnom
Have Passovers while waiting for the Messiah to come
They do not believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah
What is the Mormon belief of Heaven?
They consider themselves Christians
Read The Book of Mormon
They believe there are certain levels to Heaven:
There is a temporary Hell, which is a place for purging of sins before entering Heaven
What is the Islamic belief of Heaven?
God is "Allah," the Messenger is Muhammad
Jesus was not crucified or resurrected
There is a Heaven or paradise
Hell an unholy place with seven levels and seven doors
Must pray five times a day
Today I will be presenting 3 questions and answers about Heaven.
What are some unanswered questions of Heaven?
Who will you meet in Heaven?
Q1: What are some details of Heaven?
Q2: What are the different multiple perspectives of Heaven?
Q3: What are some unanswered questions about Heaven?
What is the purpose of Heaven?
Better life
Be happy
Meet again the ones you lost
Loving God
Serving others
Growing together
How do we go to Heaven?
Be nice
Care for other people
Live a holy life
Treat others the way you want to be treated
Honor the ones you care about and love
What will we look like in Heaven?
We will not have our bodies
We will never grow old or be sick
We may have big white wings
Halos may be flying around our heads
Will we be married in Heaven?
Yes, Heaven is a place of happiness and joy
Our relations with loved ones will be better than ever
There will be no divorces or losses
We will spend eternity with our wives or husbands
Thanks for watching!
Any Questions?
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