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4.07 Periodic Table Lab


Bobbi Eason

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of 4.07 Periodic Table Lab

12 Food Items I Love Periodic Table Lab Made by: Bobbi Eason Pizza
Fried Chicken
French Fries
Ice Cream
Baked Patato
Tacos Soft Chewy Sweet Salty Healthy Greasy Fattening Rice Pizza Cookies Fried Chicken Baked Potato French Fries Fried Chicken Apples Apples Salad Carrots Steak Ice Cream Tacos Tacos 1.What are the general family (column) characteristics formed in the chart?

The general column in this chart is CHEWY

2.Suggest a reason why some items might not fit easily into a group.

Some food might not have the same characteristics or mass as some foods.

3.Why do you think there is not a periodic table of compounds? Use evidence to support your thoughts.

Its not made out of compounds cause of what each food is made out of. Each item is made out of some sort of different ingredient and some are just made differently.
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