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Why we crave horror movies

No description

on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of Why we crave horror movies

Little info about author
Stephen King: He attended school at the University of Maine at Orono. He wrote a weekly column for the school newspaper, THE MAINE CAMPUS. He was also involved in student politics, as a member of the Student Senate. Stephen made his first professional short story; Mystery Stories in 1967. Fall of 1971 he began to write novels instead of only short stories.
Questions to start you thinking
(Considering the meaning)
What does King mean when he says "we're all mentally ill" (paragraph 1) Is this a serious statement?
Why ? Or why not ?
Expanding Vocab
Define innately ( paragraph 4). What does King mean when he says horror movies are "innately conservative" ? Does he contradict himself when he says they are also "reactionary, anarchistic, and revolutionary" (paragraph 11) ? Why, or why not ?
Identifying Writing Strategies
How does King use analysis, breaking a complex topic into parts, to support his argument?
Reading Critically
Why do you think King uses the inclusive pronoun we so frequently throughout his essay ? What effect does the use of this pronoun have on your response to his argument?
Why we crave horror movies
Stephen King

Stephen King doesn't mean that seriously he means that we all have tendencies that just so happen to be different from others. He's trying to say that everyone has a little crazy even though it may not show as well as if you were diagnosed with it but we all show that side of us. He says we sometimes put labels onto others not knowing we kind of do and think the same way. He tries to show that what we think is only a mental craving of what may be right or wrong.
Stephen King states the question why we go to theaters, he then proceeds to answer those questions that he states with valid points, King use famous people and their movies to get his point across, from Ferda Jackson with Die, Monster, Die in famous movies like Jack the Ripper Cleveland tours murder. He uses these famous movies to support his paper.
Stephen King uses the pronoun we because, he uses himself as well to be curious towards the things people do. Why they do it, and where did they even get the idea from. He considers himself to be one of us; astounded and needing answers, & the use of this pronoun pulls you away from the opposition and opens you up to his side of the argument.
What Stephen King is trying to say is that horror movies expose a side of human beings that you you can't express without mapping out. He almost hints at it as being a need to to be in shock or disgust. They are revolutionary in the sense that they sometimes change the way we think or how we see the world. Stephen King does not contradict himself because horror movies often do make us question the real world by pushing the limit of our comfort. Daring us to do things that we subconsciously wouldn't do but do anyways.
By: Anjelique C, Juwan M, Isaiah F, Demontre O.
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