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NHS IG Toolkit

How to use the NHS IG Toolkit

sarah lawson

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of NHS IG Toolkit

The NHS IG Toolkit For Research
Registering Your Organisation
To register your organisation you need to first check if you have a registration Administrator. Go to https://www.igt.hscic.gov.uk/resources/UserGuide-

If you are not registered complete the form. You will be contacted by email with your registration information.
Scope of Your Registration
Decide what you are registering for.
One research study?
A university department or unit?
A division or school?

The scope is defined by what you can group and control within your IGT submission.

There are two types :
Secondary Use Organisation
Hosted Secondary Use Team/Project view

Register using webform
Getting Help
The IGT website has a very comprehensive help section.

Large knowledge base.
The Exeter help desk will answer telephone or email queries.
JANET NHS IG Working Group

What will you need to consider
Before you start to fill the form in find out:

Who is taking responsibility for filling the IGT in?
Have an Information Governance Policy
Start an Improvement Plan
Risk and Asset Management
Training, awareness and Induction
Audit and assurance
Third party contracts and data sharing
Completing the IGT online form
Improvement Plan
The IGT helpfully provides a complete set of all of the items you will need to complete in spreadsheet format.

Top tip is to download and use this as your improvement plan - you have to have one and by filling this
in you only have to type it once.
Information Governance
To complete the IGT you must have the following:

An Information Governance Policy
Defined roles and responsibilities including for risk and information security
Procedures for policy creation, approval and implementation.
Audit and Assurance procedures
You must know who is responsible for what...

Information Security
Risk Management
Data Ownership and Data Protection

Assurance - not just tick box
If done properly the IGT should really help you to be data secure.

Use it as a framework to assist you to better and safer information management

Use it to assure trust between research and
NHS data sources.

Help align with ISO 27001/2
Demo this afternoon...questions?
How to decide on the scope
To scope look for natural boundaries

you need everything in your group to have similar governance. The following should be considered:

Personnel, training, induction
IT, Systems and networks
Governance and policy
Physical security
Management of third parties
Data Protection Officer
The amount of detail
The more detail you give the easier it will be to complete in subsequent years.
The easier it will be for the reviewer to confirm that you are completing the framework requirements correctly.
Fill in details and references
Complete :

Reference where documents are.
Detail improvement points
Appoint an owner
put in as much information as you can.
To Complete the Form

Top tip is to use the Excel Spreadsheet to help you.
There are helpful guidance notes for all areas.
V12 has updated guidance notes to help researchers.
Don't worry if you call things different names.
You can start and save and go back later
Keep good references to what you have completed.
Remember this is annual........
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