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Manifest Destiny - War with Mexico

No description

Jim deHaan

on 22 December 2016

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Transcript of Manifest Destiny - War with Mexico

Texas War of Independence

Mexico wanted to better control their vast territories - offered land grants
opportunities for cheap land - expansion of cotton and slavery
3. Cultural clashes between the settlers and the Mexican government
1. Different Languages
2. Different Religions
2. Mexico closed its borders - no more settlers
4. Stephen F. Austin (wanted self-government) was arrested & local powers in Texas are suspended
"Remember the Alamo!"
Battle of San Jacinto
- 187 Texans held off 4,000 Mexican troops before they were defeated.
- Their sacrifice was used as a motivational battle cry,
"Remember the Alamo!"
Using the Alamo as inspiration, 900 Texans defeated Santa Ana's army and captured him
The Treaty of Velasco (May 14, 1836)
- the Lone Star Republic is created
- Sam Houston is elected the President of the Republic of Texas
Nine years on
Texas was annexed (made a part of) by the United States

Why did Mexico want Americans to settle in Texas?
Mexico wanted to improve its economy and ended trade restrictions with the US = free trade
Why did Americans want to settle in Texas?
What brought American settlers into conflict with the Mexican gov't?
1. Mexico had outlawed slavery - mostly ignored by Americans
What other issues led to the call for independence?
What happened at the Alamo?
How were the Texans finally able to defeat the Mexicans?
Why was the United States at first reluctant to annex Texas?
The issue of slavery - Texas would enter as a slave state, tipping the balance of free and slave states
They did not want to provoke war with Mexico

Why was President James K. Polk adamant about going to war with Mexico?
He was a supporter of Manifest Destiny
He saw the economic benefits of gaining control of New Mexico and California
What were the sectional attitudes towards the war?
The South supported a war - would lead to an expansion of slavery and give slave-states more reps in Congress
Northerners opposed a war - questioned its justification and were against the spread of slavery
What was the Wilmot Proviso?
a proposed amendment (by Northerners) to a military spending bill that would prohibit slavery on land obtained from Mexico
How did the United States provoke war with Mexico?
What was the outcome of the war?
Pres. Polk sent General Zachary Taylor (Rio Grande River) and General John Fremont (California) into Mexican Territory to incite a response
US - 13,000 dead (11,000 from disease)
Mexico - 50,000 dead
Death Toll
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
Rio Grande River was the new southern boundary
New Mexico and California was ceded
US agreed to pay $15 million for the rest of the Mexican Cession
Presidential Election of 1848
Pres. Polk decided to forego a 2nd term
war hero Zachary Taylor wins the election
California Gold Rush (1848-49)
The discovery of gold in California led the population to increase from 400 in 1848 to 44,000 in 1849;
People who caught gold fever and moved were called "49'ers"

US Troops sent into Mexican Territory by President Polk
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