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All About Italy!!

Here's a prezi I put up about Italy hope you like it!!!!!!!!!

Ethen Quezada

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of All About Italy!!

All About Italy!!
By Ethen Quezada

My country's currency is a euro

1 Euro=1.37 US dollars
Famous Land marks
When people come visit my country they come see The Leaning Tower of Pisa and Roman Colosseum.
The type of government Italy has is parliamentary reublic. Italy's current leader is Giogio Napolitano.
Geography of my country
Neighboring countries are France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia.
The continent my countries on is Europe. Also, Italy's capital city is Rome.
Holidays-Labor Day/May Day, St. Stephen's Day, and All Saints Day
Mrs Schneider and Ratchel
This 200 Euro's is 274 US dollars
means 200 euro's is 274 US dollars
Since the tower tilts people like to play around and pretend their holding up the tower
Forgot to mention he is the president of Italy just in case you were about to ask.
Sacred Places-Pisa Catherdal
Rituals-Sunday Visit
Famous People

Michelangelo was an artist who lived in Italy during the Renaissance(D.O.B 1475, D.O.D 1564)
Cole and Dylan Sprouse-TV Actors
Cole and Dylan Sprouse are TV actors who are famous for their roles as Cody and Zack in their show "Suit Life on Deck."
(D.O.B 1992 guess how old they are now.)
Marzia Bisognin-Video web star
Marzia Bisognin is a web star who was born in Italy and makes videos about fashion and make-up.(D.O.B 1992)
Flag Meaning
This means hope and joy
This means
bravery and strength.
This means peace and hone-

Fun and interesting Fact
The author of "Pinocchio", Carlo Collodi, was Italian.
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