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Car Idling

No description

Phebe Davis

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Car Idling

Effects on People
Kids inhale 50% more air per kilogram of body weight than adults
Adults who are outside more and live in heavy traffic areas are at greater risk
As seniors age, their lungs and immune system deteriorate
Where Do We Go From Here?
Introduce campaign through morning announcements, Mustang Express, social media
Post more No Idling signs
Collect pledge cards
Data Collection
Designate patrol team to hand out "tickets"
Collect new set of data monthly
Car Idling
General Car Exhaust
50% of the air pollution in the nation caused by mobile sources
Linked to 200,000 early deaths in United States per year
2011: Charlotte = 10th smoggiest city for second year in a row
Students parking and inviting friends
Parents idling while child is dropped off
After timing 100 random cars' idling times in the parking lots in the morning:
MEAN: 3 min 35 sec
MEDIAN: 2 min 25 sec
MODE: 15 sec
ST DEV: 3 min 53 sec

Factors That May Have Affected Results
Gas prices
Time of day
Time of year
Source: http://www.epa.gov/otaq/consumer/420f08025.pdf

With outliers:
– Avg = 207.6 sec (~3 min 27 sec)
• VOC: 0.156 g * 780 = 121.68 g per morning
• THC: 0.183 g * 780 = 142.74 g per morning
• CO: 4.107 g * 780 = 3203.46 g per morning

Without outliers:
– Avg = 182.7835 sec (~3 min 3 sec)
• VOC: 0.137 g * 780 = 106.86 g per morning
• THC: 0.161 g * 780 = 125.58 g per morning
• CO: 3.616 g * 780 = 2820.48 g per morning

(Data based on
EPA Average Emission Rates
How this relates to Myers Park as a whole...

1) Human error timing multiple cars at once.

2) Intervals to compensate for timing multiple cars at once

3) Experiment only includes cars in the morning

4) Only able to sample 100 cars

1) Time one car at a time

2) Have smaller intervals (made easier by timing only one car at a time) or no intervals

3) Redesign lab to include the afternoon traffic and buses

4) Do lab over 2 months and measure the idling time of every car in every parking space
So what?
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC):
Eye/respiratory irritation, headaches, dizziness

Carbon Monoxide (CO):
Trouble breathing because of carboxyhemoglobin (EPA)

Total Hydrocarbon (THC:)
cancer-causing, helps form ground-level ozone

Particulate Matter (PM):
(builds up over time) severe asthma, lung cancer, birth defects

What we learned:
severity of the effects of car pollution
problem is legitimate in school zones
predicted amount of harmful gases emitted at Myers Park
Questions we still have:
statistical analysis of long term effects
how much Myers Park directly affects the health of its students compared to the effects of normal city pollution
how much more pollution would be added if bus idling, parents dropping kids off, and pollution output in the afternoon were taken in account
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