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Health Science

4 Specific Jobs in the Health Science Cluster

Ronak I

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Health Science

Surgeons make tough decisions which could save a life.They have active listening skills and solve complex problems.
Most surgeons get paid around $167 an hour. So for the whole year they would get $347,655.
Steps to get from Middle School to a Surgeon
After Middle school you go to high school.
After High School you go to the best college you can afford.
After college you go to a medical school. In Medical school you might have to stay there for 5 years.
After a medical school you go to a residency training.
After residency training you will become a surgeon.
Make sure you study well :)

Pros and cons

Pros: Good health and a good pay
Cons:Stay long hours work on weekends and sometimes on holidays. (They don't get that much time with there family which I think is not fair.)
Health Science is all about helping other people who need help.
People with jobs in this category can be a doctor-- surgeon, vet, and more things like that.
People that have any kinds of these jobs will help a lot of people and animal in life.
Fun Facts about Prosthodontist
The responsibility of a prosthodontist is to replace missing teeth & correct natural formation of mouth & jaws, to maintain oral function such as such as chewing & speaking, also to improve appearance.
National Average - $139,620
Annual Salary Range - $50,167 - $201,797
The 5 most important skills that a chiropractor sould have are Reading Comprehension, Speaking, Active Listening, Time Management, and Critical Thinking. Some tasks are: maintain accurate case histories of patients, diagnose health problems by reviewing patients' health an medical histories, questioning, observing and examining patients and interpreting x-rays.
By: Helen Xia, Diya Patel, Leon Thomas, and Ronak Indurti
Health Science
Health Science Career Cluster
Veterinarians -or vets for short- play a very important role in an animal's life. They diagnose treat, and/or research diseases or injures of animals. They go through a lot of emotions when an animal passes away. Vets can also be assistants, working the databases, and more
Middle School to Working as a Prosthodontist
Step 1 - graduate from MS & HS
Step 2 - go to college & earn a Bachelor's Degree
Step 3 - Take the dental admission test and enter Dental School
Step 4 - graduate from DEntal School
Step 5 - get licensed
Step 6 - Complete residency
How Much do they get Paid?
Satisfaction of helping
Hard Work
Patience & Time
Takes an emotional toll on the professional
When an animal dies there is stress
Steps to become a vet
1. When you go to High School, take Math and Lab Science for all 4 years.
2. Try volunteering at an animal shelter. This will give a good start for your career.
3. After High School, take the GED exam.
4. Choose a college (I would choose Texas A&M)
5. Get a bachelor's degree
6. Pass the NAVLE exam (National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners )
7. Take the vet oath, and look for a job
Pros & Cons of being a Prosthodontist
90% made at least
75% made at least
50% made at least
You can work for yourself
Set your own hours
Might be able to work in a General Dentist's Office, if you can't find a job
Must complete an extra 2-3 years of schooling after dental school
field is highly specialized
can easily go unnoticed in a General Dentist's office
25% made at least
10% made at least
How to Get From MS to Being a Chiropractic?
Step 1: Earn a High School Diploma
Step 2: Earn a Undergraduate Degree
Step 3: Earn a Doctorate
Step 4: Obtain a License
Step 5: Establish a Practice
Best Colleges
The top 3 colleges are (1) Harvard University in Boston. (2) Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.(3) University of Washington in Seattle.
Pros/Cons of Being a Chiropractor
-Shorter training period
-Scope and focus are up to you
-Regular work hours
-Help for those who have despaired
-You must be able to work independently
-You will have to contend with bad press
-You will need to to hunt down start-up money
-You must have a supportive family and friends
Best Colleges
Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles
Job Outlook
John Hopkins University
Duke University
Harvard University
Stanford University
Job Outlook
There is a 18% growth which is faster than average.Surgeons are needed for the expansion of health industries. People are growing and aging. The population is growing. The demand for physician services are growing to high levels of care that uses the latest technologies diagnostic tests.
Good Vet Colleges
Chiropractic employment growth much faster than average: employment opportunities for chiropractors exist around the world, making the chiropractic career outlook promising. Employment of chiropractors is expected to increase 28% between 2008 and 2018.
Job Outlook for the future
In the future, the amount of vets will grow 12% from 2012 - 2022. More animal species are being found, therefore, more vets are being needed.
Texas A&M University
University of Pennsylvania
Cornell University
Colorado State University
University of California—​Davis
The wages range between $50,000 to
$175,000 depending on which state, and city you want to work in.
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