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How IT has changed the way we do things

School Prezi

Harry Keyte

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of How IT has changed the way we do things

Many jobs have been impacted since the use of IT, For example Teleworking, this job has changed because using IT means that you could talk to people over the internet and connect to your workplace instead of using phones all the time. Since the use of IT people can now work at home!

Jobs which have changed since the use of IT...
IT has created many jobs but it has also got rid of many jobs too… Some examples of the jobs which do not exist any more are Account clerks, Secretarial work, Manufacturing and Newspaper printing. Even though these jobs no longer exist many more jobs have been created than the ones which no longer exist because of IT.
Social Impacts of IT
How we spend our free time ?

We spend our free time on online portals, games and social networks. We also chatting to our friends and watching films and clips on You Tube. People are also using Ebay and Amazon to buy things.

IT has socially impacted and hindered the community. We are partly to blame and the reason is that we have become dependant on the modern world revolving around technology and IT. The biggest example of this is online shopping with the likes of Tesco allowing you to do your weekly shop from the comfort of your own home and be delivered to your doorstep. As well as this people are socialising online and not face to face.
Ethical Impacts
Personal privacy has become and issue-everything you do is online: What you search, your medical records and even what you buy in the shops.
Also ICT has changed the way people communicate with social networking, however this also leads to cyber-bullying which is one of the most debated issues in the world.

Richer people can afford better ICT systems which can give them an advantage from those people who cannot afford the ICT cost.
Finally ICT means that people are losing their jobs and being replaced by machines which is increasing unemployment around the world.
This will never be found

By Harry Keyte, Tom Jordan, William Strangwood and Krystian Kocur
Economic Impacts
Jobs which have been created because of IT are...Game designing, IT technicians, Computer programmers, Web designers, Help-desk staff and the list goes on. This isn't even half of the jobs that have been created since the use of IT, because there are so many.

Legal Impacts

Copy right is a law that protects people who produce their own original work. It has become very easy for people to steal material online. This is because the internet makes it easy to copy and paste material form the web without the permission of the person who created the article. It is ok to quote other peoples work, that is fine because it has been acknowledged by the user. Plagiarism is a big problem in school.
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