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Dynamic background

No description

Mate Kerenyi

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Dynamic background

Launch Site
- Sun synchronised orbit
- 500 [km] altitude orbit
- Equation
- Maximum latitude 56,2°
Launch Project
2013.10.18. Stockholm, Sweden
- Altitude: 150km
- Vertical velocity: 800
- Horizontal velocity: 0
- Turning the 2nd stage, push it away
- Strictly vertical trajectory
- Two stages togather
- Grasshopper like structure
- Burnrate: 70 [kg/s]
The task
Send a satellite to orbit:
- Desired orbit: sun synchronized
- Desired altitude: 500 [km]
- Desired weight of satellite 500 [kg]
- Make it as cheap as possible
The solution
- Calculating orbit specifications
- Define stages
- Fist climb to 200km
- Freefall
- Slowing by parachute
- Slowing by engines
- 1 [m/s] landing velocity
- Landing on landing legs
First stage return
Reaching orbit
- Vertical velocity: 0
- Horizontal velocity: 7000
- Placing stellite to orbit
- Start reentry manouvers
Second stage return
- Skip reentry
- Lifting body 'glider'
- Heat protection
- Target location: launch site

KTH - Royal Insitute of Technology
Fundamentals of Spaceflight
Ann Hyvärinen
Gaspard Lhermitte
Martin Johansson
Máté Kerényi
Muzammil Chohan

Date & Time
First stage
- Grasshopper like rocket
- Strictly vertical trajectory
- Sounding rocket equations
- Second stage mounted on top
- Deceleration by parachute
- Deceleration by engine
Second stage
- Lifting body aircraft
- Gravity aided trajectory
- Skyp reentry
- Landing as a glider
First stage
Second stage
- Climbing to 500 [km]
- Starting mass: 3000 [kg]
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