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Edmodo and the 21 Century Classroom

A brief guide to Edmodo

David Ross

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Edmodo and the 21 Century Classroom

Todd Teetzel toddteetzel@ccusd.org
David Ross davidross@ccusd.org What is Edmodo How to sign up and set up
your classes..... How to enroll in our class.... These are a few examples of how kids can use this program. Quizes, Test, Homework, Classwork A Social Networking tool that is has a similar
interface to Facebook. sIGN UP AS A TEACHER Make sure the group code is correct. Please complete the poll, quiz, and assignment. You Grade everything on Edmodo. Edmodo and the 21st Century Classroom You set up your classes so that they
can only communicate with you and
the other students in their class. They can not make friends outside their class The students can work on and turn in homework, classwork, tests and quizzes, take polls, and so much more once loged in. You made it..... :) Culver City Middle School Click "Join" Thank you!!!!! Classwork and Homework You can assign work in and outside of class.
Upload from Computer
Link from Google Docs.
Use apps on iPads and turn in on Edmodo.
Have them work on paper in class, take a picture with iPad and turn into Edmodo. Tests and Quizzes A great way to quickly access progress
Kids see their score immediately.
You see their scores and a breakdown by question.
Copy and paste a chapter tests.
Multiple Choice. Fill in, True-False, Short Answer.
Everything at your finger tips.
Take nothing home Student/Teacher Collaboration Group students to turn in projects and form study groups outside the classroom.
Great for Student Council, sports teams, and extra curricular collaboration. You can make groups so Teams, Departments, and other groups of teachers can collaborate in real time. Can be accessed on your computer,
tablet, or cell phone.
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