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Mailman School Job Search Boot Camp 2015

No description

Heather Krasna

on 1 August 2017

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Transcript of Mailman School Job Search Boot Camp 2015

Reactive Job Search
Proactive Job Search
Job Boards
Generic job boards (Indeed.com)
LinkedIn.com job board
Specialty/Niche boards/Listservs/Professional Associations
Alumni Job Search Boot Camp
Setting Targets
Cover Letter
LinkedIn & Online Profile
Personal pitch
LinkedIn profile optimization
Facebook & Twitter cleanup
Bullet points
Keyword optimization
Ties to job description
Focus on mission
Leveraging network
Executive Search Firms
Job Fairs
Employer Presentations
LinkedIn & Other Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Devex.com)
Alumni groups & directories
Professional Associations/Conferences/ Events
Informational Interviews
Volunteering/Board Memberships
Guerrilla campaigns
Evaluating & Negotiating Offers
Salary, benefits
Work-life balance
Geographic location
Mission area (global health, education, health systems, environmental health, etc.)
Population served (children, people living with HIV etc.)
NGO, Government, Academia, For-Profit Industry
CONTEXT: In my role as an administrator in a research lab, I was in charge of ensuring confidential records were carefully maintained, for an office with up to 10 clinical trials running at one time, with up to 50 patients each.

PROBLEM: I soon realized that it was taking over a week to get all the information filed, and sometimes there were misfiled records, which could actually lead to negative audits or even the loss of our license, which could be a disaster.

ACTION: I analyzed the process of filing, and researched several databases that could manage some of the paperwork we were doing by hand. I selected one of the databases, implemented for everyone on the team, customized the settings, and trained the staff.

RESULT: Within only a month, our turnaround time was cut in half while our accuracy increased 25%.

1. Don't accept the offer on the spot.
2. Say, "Thank you so much! Can you send me all the details? When can I get back to you?"
3. Set up a time to speak ON THE PHONE

Salary and benefits
Start date
Job title
Length of term
Geographic location
Work schedule
Does the job match your interests, values, personality?
How do you exceed the requirements? Why are you above average?

Career Services, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

View this presentation at

Formatting readable
Don't over-design
Prioritize (top-down; left-right; bold)
Dates on right
15-second test
If needed, subcategorize

Type of Organization
Program Management
Communications etc.
Job Function/Skills
Search in the Search bar, or Advanced Search

You can search by name, or in the Advanced Search, by School,
Keywords etc
Be sure all levels of connections are selected

Advanced LinkedIn Search
Find out who you know in common

Click “Connect”
Or Ask Someone to Introduce You

Connecting on LinkedIn
Send a Customized Invite Message
Consider selecting “classmate"
Always customize this message!

Your Dream Job
Identifying Target Organizations
Google Related Search (example: related:www.idealist.org) to get lists of related organizations
LinkedIn Advanced Search
Databases (guidestar.org etc.)
Coalition/Association organizations
Job boards/keyword searches
Hoovers.com, Lexis-Nexis, Glassdoor.com
I'm a
(recent MPH graduate... nonprofit executive... epidemiologist... public health professional...)
I've been working in
___ for the last __ years
. I started my career as a
, and I worked there for
years; then I decided to pursue a Master of Public Health in order to gain additional training in
(technical expertise relevant to this job:________)
. I took part in a practicum at
, where I researched
, which led to
(publication/result). All along, I pursued experiences in
(mission area relevant to this organization:_____
) and was promoted to
. When I saw your position listed, I was thrilled because it is a perfect opportunity for met to use my
skills while contributing to a cause I'm so passionate about.
How Columbia Mailman School
Graduates Got Jobs, 2015
Sample Problem-Action-Result Story
Make an appointment
Career Handbook
Mailman School LinkedIn Group
Videos: http://tinyurl.com/ocsvideos
Job Search Group: Wednesdays from 4:00pm – 5:00pm at ARB EPI conference room on the 15th floor (1514) until 8/31.
Handling Special Situations
Career change transition
"Gap of employment"
International Students
I am seeking a (JOB TITLE:________________________) position at (TYPE OF ORGANIZATION or MISSION AREA:___________), ideally at one of the following (LIST OF ORGANIZATIONS: __________________), within the following geographic area (CITY/COUNTRY:__________________); ideally with the following salary range: $________ and other qualities (other values, such as work-life balance, benefits etc. _______________).
Networking Etiquette
It's about relationships, not jobs
Show gratitude--send a thank-you note
Don't be a "job beggar"
Read/Revise Resume
Be Remembered
Be Referred: to job leads, be recommended for jobs
Sample Bullet Points:
Saved $10,000 and improved accuracy 20% by single-handedly implementing new online billing system
Improved understanding of reproductive health for 200 low-income youth through in-person and online trainings, receiving highest evaluations from 95% of participants
Expanded partnerships by 50%, leading to significant increases in service utilization
Getting and Staying Organized
Keep an Excel list or Google doc of:
Positions you've applied for
Follow-up deadlines for jobs and networking
Before the Offer
After the Offer
Do your research:
salary.com, payscale.com, glassdoor.com, indeed.com
Salary surveys (in CareerLink Resource Library)
OCS salary data
Avoid answering the question
"I'm wondering what range you had in mind?" OR
"I'm flexible; money is not the only important thing; I'm glad to discuss that later if we are going to work together."
Answer with a range that includes the average.
The lower end of the range shouldn't be lower than you would accept
Customized thank-you letter
Follow-up 2-3 weeks later
Follow-ups after rejection
Welcome & Ground Rules
Sign in --share info or opt out
Appointment Policy
The Negotiation
Needs to occur before you've accepted the offer
Know your bottom line
Craft your pitch/request
Prepare for the possible alternatives
Make the ask (lead with your excitement about the position)
Wait with your fingers crossed
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