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The book

Jordan Alexandrea

on 21 May 2012

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Transcript of Flipped

By: Wendelin Van Draanem It was a blind but true first love! Juli was a young, free-minded, smart, flirty and happy girl. She had a crush on Bryce since his moving van showed up on her block. Juli Bryce Loski was a young boy just trying to survive middle school. Love was out of the question As you can see in the video, Bryce was a shy boy. While Juli was an outgoing and looking for love! Bryce family did look down on Baker family because of their messy yard. Juli Baker's dad was an amateur painter while Juli's mom was a housewife. Bryce's dad did NOT like the Baker family! But the Baker&Loski family never got to get to know each other that well. Their Families Bryce Loski Flipped Have you ever liked anyone, that you could not leave alone? But they never liked you back. Well this is a love novel, based on a girl, Juli and a boy Bryce. Will they ever find love? Or will Juli or Bryce just have to move on? Juli Baker is a peppy, happy, kind, warm hearted, A pretty, intelligent but awkward teen. She liked Bryce Loski since the first time she saw him, she admires his dazzling eyes the most. Her feelings for him eventually 'flipped' after he threw her eggs, never took his side for her tree and made fun of her uncle's expense. Juli Baker has two brothers Bryce has one sister All through preschool, grade school and half of middle school was Bryce bugged and flirted by Juli Baker. She wouldn't leave him alone. She smelled his hair, followed him, and after having enough, Bryce acts like he likes a girl name Shelly Stalls and they date. Juli then ignores Bryce. Juli is really jealous! And Bryce is loving not having to have any contact with Juli until... Shelly Stalls finds out that Bryce just went out with here just to get away from Juli. All through the years! Bryce's Grandpa AS Bryce has that talk with his Grandpa that just moved in. He talks about Julianna and how she is EVERYDAY! The Sycamore Tree Where Juli and Bryce bus stop was, there was the most beautiful tree. Juli sat up there all most everyday. Sitting up there, to Juli, was like being in heaven. Until, one day the owner of the property cut it down She was devasted! The Eggs As the Science Fair approached, Juli & Bryce had to do a science project. Juli was not able to think of anything, where Bryce already knew what he was going to do (a volcano) Juli decided with the help of her teacher that she was going to hatch chicks. The Science fair had went and Juli eggs were hatched. So now she had chickens. Since chickens produce eggs everyday. Juli thought that since she and her family had plenty of eggs, she thought she could sell them for a profit starting with her neighbors. But, since she had a crush on Bryce she gave eggs to him free! The "Egg" situation Since Bryce and his family thought the Bakers were messy and disorganized. They didnt want to eat any of Juli eggs. So Bryce's Dad told him to go tell Juli he didn't want any of her eggs. But Bryce wasn't going to do that so he just kept throwing them away, hoping she wouldn't find out... Juli Finds out After two years of throwing away eggs. That day comes when your secrets come to light. Juli then finds out all about the eggs and how he was throwing them away & everything. Including the fact that Bryce didn't eat them because he was afraid of getting poisoned Big and.... ... small After A while.. Juli begins to have mix feelings about Bryce. She soon discovered that's not the boy she met the first day she met him Uncle David This is Juli uncle. He has a mental promblem. One Juli decides to tag along, with her Dad for his birthday.
Summary Bryce Loski is a kind, shy and confused boy. He doesn't try to be mean he just is pressured by his Dad to be a "man" He has blond hair, and baby blue eyes. The Dinner As you can see, Juli's mom, is nervous about going over for dinner. Juli and her dad are not really sure about going to the Loski's for dinner. THE Loski's Dinner As both families begin to get ready for the dinner. Bryce starts to spaz out, because he wants to look nice & formal for Juli. When the Baker's began to walk over to the Loski's house. He races down stairs, an answers the door before they even step on the porch. Juli looking like a princess out of a book, As Bryce describes it. Juli was holding two pies. Days after. As days go by after dinner. Bryce decides to make it up to Julianna. So one day after school, Bryce runs home with a couple of seeds. Bryce goes into Juli yard and planted another Sycamore Tree. Juli then comes out, and helps Bryce plant the tree. Soon they meet eyes and hold hands. The book ends with the quote, "....Maybe it's time to meet in the proper light." THE END! Written & Proofread by: Jordan Ratliff
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