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Trenton Educational Foundation ..in search of the BIG IDEA

No description

Ed Neubecker

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Trenton Educational Foundation ..in search of the BIG IDEA

Core Operations Grants Marketplace Innovation In Search of the NEED Big Idea(s) Community volunteers dedicated
to making Innovative
educational ideas a reality

Founded 2008

Looking to expand Success
and investment in the district . Trenton Educational Foundation . THE NEED COMES FROM YOU
School improvement
Task Force
MEAP scores
Schools to Watch
Curriculum Advancement
Student Achievement
STEM report card Not a Grant
Potential Partnership
Affect Multiple Students (Grade,School)
$20k +
Sustained without recurring TEF funds

....and not just ONE and DONE! What's the BIG Revenue of $100k +

Grants $40k +
Scholarships $5k
Programs $10k

A BIG idea -- TBD Trenton Educational Foundation MISSION:
Help achieve and maintain an extra margin of excellence by employing private resources to supplement traditional school funding. 30 Educational Innovation Inspiring students to Challenge themselves Making the difficult easy Call To Action Bring us your ideas (and plan)
Think Big
Act in 2013
Build us a que of BIG IDEAS
Stretch outside conventional thinking
Make it part of your continuous improvement plans
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