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The Perks of Being a Wallflower Plot Diagram


Marissa Coffield

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of The Perks of Being a Wallflower Plot Diagram

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
By: Stephen Chbosky

The setting of this story is suburbs of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It takes place at 3 main places: Charlie's high school; his household and at friend's house, where the group hangs out most of the time. The time this takes place in is around the early 1990s.

Charlie, Sam, and Patrick

Charlie is a socially awkward freshman. He is mentally unstable, especially after his best friend committed suicide. At the beginning of Freshman year, someone tried to beat Charlie up, but Charlie had learned to fight a few years prior, so the bully was messed up pretty bad. Charlie was labeled weird and a freak. Because of this, he doesn't have many friends. That is until he met Sam and Patrick. (He develops a crush of sorts on Sam).

Sam is a beautiful, young senior who happens to be Patrick's stepsister. She attends the same high school as charlie. She is great friends with charlie.

Patrick is a funny and friendly homosexual who attends Charlie's high school. As made clear above, Patrick is Sam's Stepbrother. He is best friends with Charlie. He's dating the football team's quarterback, closeted Brad.
This story is told in a series of letters written by Charlie to an anonymous person known as 'friend'.

Rising Action
Charlie has many flashbacks about his Aunt Helen and it makes his life very hard. He's labeled freak and weird, almost immediately in his freshman year.
Charlie attends a school football. There he meets Sam and Patrick, who he at the time knew as 'Nothing'. Eventually, the three become the best of friends. Charlie also makes friends with Sam and Patrick's other friends, a group of wallflowers. A wallflower is a person who, because of shyness, unpopularity, or lack of a partner, remains at the side at a party or dance. Charlie fits right in with the group of seniors. The best part is that Charlie is finally happy and the flashbacks stop.
Rising Action
It is around the same time that Charlie realizes he has quite the crush on the beautiful Sam. She tells Charlie that she's too old for him, and so he tries to move on and forget about his crush. Charlie eventually starts dating Mary Elizabeth, a very nice girl who helps out with a local play. Mary Elizabeth really loves Charlie, and she thinks Charlie feels the same. Though, he eventually comes to terms that he does not feel the same about her; he still has a thing for Sam.
Rising Action
Later that month, the group is playing truth or dare. Charlie was dared to kiss the prettiest girl in the room. Everyone in the room was shocked when he kissed Sam. She tells Charlie to leave and not to come back until things cool down. Charlie loses his friends, and he loses his happiness. His flashbacks return and he starts to go downhill. Though Patrick still sort of hangs around, he misses all his friends.
Point of View
At lunch, Brad was making fun of Patrick for being gay. They began to rough him up as well. Charlie just happened to be walking by and this infuriated him. He walked up to Brad and punched square in the nose. Charlie blanks out ever the first punch, but we soon realize he beat up Brad and his friends pretty good. Especially from looking at Charlie's bruised and bloodied fist.
Later that day, he runs into Sam. He asks her exactly what happened. She responds with 'you saved my brother' and hugs him. Charlie still wasn't friends with the group, but because he saved Patrick, Sam and the rest of them were willing to let him back in.
Falling Action
Man vs. Self

The main conflict is that Charlie doesn't feel like he belongs. He is lonely and afraid. He doesn't have any friends and he doesn't fit in. His is struggling withing himself to find himself and who he really is.
There are multiple themes in
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
, but the importance of friendship seemed to stand out the most. Everyone needs friends in their life. They can help you through the worst times, and they will always be loyal to you.
Rising Action
During this period, Charlie learns about the relationship between Patrick and Brad, the star quarterback. They were secretly together. Brad's father is not okay with gays, so when Brad's father finds out, he goes mad. He beats his son, and forces Patrick and Brad to break up. This causes Patrick to be very sad. It doesn't help that Brad comes to school and acts like nothing ever happened between them.
Charlie and Sam get back to being good friends. The day before Sam leaves she takes him up to her room and kisses him. She says something that triggers another flashback. 'This will be our secret'. We learn that Charlie's Aunt used to tell him that before she would molest him. This explains much of Charlie's mental issues.
A little while later, Charlie talks on the phone with his sister. He begins to think that the reason his aunt is dead because she was leaving to buy him a present. It was his fault that his aunt died in a car crash. That's what he thinks, anyways. Charlie, who was in the kitchen, grabs a knife and attempts to commit suicide. The police barged into his home just in time to save his life.
After Charlie's suicide attempt, he is admitted into a hospital where he spends most of his summer before sophomore year. Sam and Patrick visit him every so often. It is at this hospital where he finally tells his parents about what his aunt did to him. He says at the end that he does not hold a grudge anymore, and that he's not afraid of what school or life may bring.
There are a few instances where personification is used. For example, 'And my mind played hopscotch'. Charlie's mind didn't really play hopscotch; he meant that he was unsure about his decision and he was going wavering about it.
A perfect example of a metaphor in this story is when Charlie describes Sam's dress as it blew in the wind, "...Sam stood up, and the wind turned her dress into ocean waves."
The tone of the story changes frequently. It all depends on what Charlie is talking about in his letters. The tone ranges from sad and lonely to happy and excited.
The protagonist of this novel is Charlie.

There isn't necessarily one antagonist. They aren't even specifically people. The main to antagonists, I thought, were Charlie's depression and mental instability. Though, some will argue that Aunt Helen is the reason why Charlie is so mentally unstable.
By: Marissa Coffield
"And in that moment, I swear, we we're infinite." This is an exaggeration because, obviously, Charlie didn't mean he went on and on forever. He meant that in that moment he felt like nothing could bother or hurt him.
We certainly weren't expecting someone who Charlie refferred to as his 'favorite person', his Aunt Helen, to molest him. It was definitely a plot twist, one that no one could see coming.
There are multiple similes used throughout
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
such as " ...dumb as a post" when Charlie was describing his older brother.
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