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The Consent of the Governed

No description

Walter Delin

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of The Consent of the Governed

The Consent of the Governed
By Walter Delin
When was it used?
The consent of the governed was first used during the founding of America. Before that, governments of majority rules and minority rights have never been attempted.
This principle was also present in the Declaration of Independence. It stated:"All men are created equal."
By this they meant that there are no natural born leaders and no one was born with the right to rule over others.
This principle acts as a borderline for what the government could do. If the government does not get the consent of the people, then they can exercise their rights and overtake it.
How does it work?
During time of monarchs, self-governed people were rare because most were living under the idea of divine rights. "Divine Rights" is a principle in which a leader or monarch is believed to have been granted the right to rule by God.

Why is it important?
Our government today was formed after the consent of the governed. This principle is important because it grants us the right to vote and voice our opinion in government, a privilege that not many countries have today that most American citizens tend to take for granted.
What is it?
The consent of the governed is a principle in government that is also known as "popular sovereignty." It is used when a government gets most of it's power from its people.
Declaration of Independence
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