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07.09 Module Project: Assessment

World History Segment 2

Angel Johnson

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of 07.09 Module Project: Assessment

07.09 Module Project: Assessment
By: Angel Johnson

"World War II was
a continuation of World War I".
During World War I, after Germany's capture, many people in Europe wanted to blame Germany for everything. And because of that, people wanted to make Germany pay big amounts of reparation. They wanted to torture Germany, so by the time another war would come, they would be so weak.
Since, there was no formal system, they had to create the leagues of nation. It was basically an international congress that let all countries talk about their problems freely with other countries so they could prevent war. After awhile, the Europeans created a document which was called "Treaty of Versailles". That made the German empire and army go down in number and size. They also went down in strength. So the Germans now have to pay Greta Britain and France for all the damage that they caused from the war.
Now, Germany obviously was struggling in debt to pay Britain and France for all the damage. Eventually, they had to borrow money from the U.S.. In 1929, the U.S. found themselves in a major economic depression. America had to stop giving Germany the money and Germany was suffering a lot. So many people lost their jobs, wealth, etc. A man named Adolf Hitler told Germany to blame Europe for the first world war, France for the economy, rest on the Jews. The Germans were impressed by Adolf and he was so convincing in everything. He was the leader of the Nazis party. In 1932, the Nazis were the strongest party in Germany.
Hitler taking place with the power, he wanted to unite the German speaking people in Europe in a bigger state and provoke a war in Europe. So his ideas were dangerous but, complementary. The Europeans wanted to avoid war and Hitler tried to invade Poland for his German speakers because Poland was once part of Germany. And then again, Adolf Hitler got what he wanted, a rise to World War II.
World War II was not a continuation of
World War I, but it occurred because of the results of World War I and how things were being dealt after that.
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