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Leone Lattes

No description

Allison Hall

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Leone Lattes

A man was suspected of murder because bloodstains were found on his coat, which is very suspicious. Lattes used his procedure and tested both the victim and the suspect and found out that the victim had type A blood while the blood on the man's jacket was type O.

How did Lattes determine blood type?
In 1915, Leone Lattes discovered that he could use a saline solution (an isotonic solution of sodium chloride and distilled water) to restore dried blood to its original form.
A woman found bloodstains on her husband’s shirt and accused him of adultery. The husband, who worked in a meat shop, asked for help to prove his innocence, and Lattes used his procedure to determine that the blood was type O and the husband's own.
Who was Leon Lattes?
Leone Lattes
Leone Lattes was an italian scientist who devised a procedure by which dried blood stains could be restored and grouped in the blood type categories A, B, AB, or O.
Lattes developed his procedure in 1915. As a professor at the institute of Forensic Medicine in Turin Italy, Lattes developed the first antibody test for ABO blood groups, which would classify blood from dried blood stains into either the A, B, AB, or O category. The antibodies were/are the most crucial bit in the blood stains in that they are what classifies the blood. His procedure is still used by scientists today.
Latte's Basis:
Lattes use of blood typing was based on the 1901 discovery of Dr Landsteiner. Landsteiner came up with the idea that blood could be classified into three basic groups, which were A, B, and C (now known as O). The AB blood type was not discovered until 1902 by Alfred von Decatello and Adriano Sturli.
The Development:
He published his first book , L'individualita del Sangue nella Biologia, nella Clinica e
nella Medicina Legale, not only on clinical issues, but heritability, paternity, and typing of dried blood stains.
Interesting Fact...
Leone Latte's Process:
He first used his methods to resolve a marital dispute.
You Cheated!
Nah... I didn't.
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