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J.P Knight: The Inventor of the Traffic Light

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Cheyanne Washington

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of J.P Knight: The Inventor of the Traffic Light

What was the traffic light?
The traffic light was an invention used to direct traffic, for people were constantly colliding with one another.
Who invented the traffic light?
A man named J.P. Knight invented the traffic light, but it was invented long before the first automobile. He saw how many horse-drawn carriages were colliding, so he wanted to invent something to help.
Did the traffic Light work?
The first model didn't work like a charm. The traffic light was operated by a policeman changing the lights. What seemed like the perfect invention turned out to be a huge failure, for when the light's gas tank popped, it caused a large explosion which severely burned the policeman operating it.
Who was J.P. Knight?
J.p Knight's love of trains is what inspired him to build the traffic light. He saw how the trains had red and green cross lights, and wanted to build a similar invention for wagons and carriages. He dropped out of school at age 11 to work on a railroad with his two older brothers.
Did The Traffic Light Come Back?
The traffic light eventually returned. This was when the idea of the automobile came out. Even though J.P, Knight's traffic light failed, people thought a traffic light was still a good idea. People began improving the traffic light, even though J.P. Knight was dead.
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J.P Knight: The Inventor of the Traffic Light
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