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Brand Marketing vs. Cause Marketing

Research Paper Prezi

Joey Schulman

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Brand Marketing vs. Cause Marketing

Brand Marketing vs. Cause Marketing

By: Joey Schulman What is Brand Marketing? Brand Marketing is the active process of discovering, developing and bringing the right image or identity of your company to the marketplace. Forms of Brand Marketing Branding takes several forms in marketing:

Celebrity Endorsement
Slogans Nike's Lebron James Celebrity Endorsement Commercial What is Cause Marketing? Cause Marketing is the collaboration between a corporation and a non-profit organization Examples of Cause Marketing The NFL partners up with Breast Cancer Awareness in order to promote the cause of Breast Cancer, but to also reap the benefits of supporting such a noteworthy cause.

Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup also partners up with Breast Cancer Awareness in order to promote the cause. They change the label of their cans and display the ribbon on the front of their cans. Brand Marketing Cause Marketing Brand Marketing has several forms that
marketers choose to use

Branding can be seen in our everyday
lives without us knowing it

Marketers often consider Brand
Marketing to be more effective than
Cause Marketing Symbiotic relationship between
corporation and non-profit organization

Can increase sales and productivity if matched appropriately

Can sometimes result in negative feedback if campaign is in opposition to viewpoints of consumers Both enable profitable outcomes

Both reach out to luring consumers to products

If not carefully analyzed can backfire on the corporation NFL Cause Marketing Campaign THANKS FOR WATCHING WHY BRAND MARKETING? Marketers prefer Brand Marketing for many reasons:
Appeals to every demographic
Children: Slogans are very applicable to attracting a younger demographic to a product
Teenagers & Young Adults: Celebrities have a huge impact on this demographic's life attracting them to a product
Adults: Symbols are very applicable to adult's due to the fact that once a symbol is seen there is a clear implication to adults as to what the corporation/product is.
Marketers tend to not prefer Cause Marketing for one main reason:
When corporations team up with non-profit organizations, in some cases it may be a cause that is not necessarily supported by their consumers. Thus, it may actually turn away consumers rather than attract them. Have you ever thought about the difference between Cause and Brand Marketing? Well, today is your lucky day!
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