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Drupal 7 Testing

A rundown on a strategy for complete testing

Cameron Green

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Drupal 7 Testing

Testing strategies SimpleTest Karma/Testacular Jenkins! Qunit http://drupal.org/project/qunit Unit testing Part of Drupal Core since 7
Plenty of examples in Drupal source
Drush commands to run from command line eg: drush test-run MyTestCase Drupal 7 Testing Awesome cross browser unit testing tool
I use for unit tests and end to end tests http://www.browserstack.com http://jenkins-ci.org/ i@camerongreen.org End to End Testing Simpletest extending
DrupalUnitTestCase SimpleTest extending DrupalWebTestCase Pros Cons Recreates complete database for every test
No one else uses it... Runs via a html test runner
Can output xml for storing/using the output
Simple to understand syntax Jasmine http://pivotal.github.io/jasmine/ Default framework for AngularJS
Can output xml for storing/using the output
Even simpler syntax, spies, other cool stuff Selenium testing framework, client and server
Karma/Testacular Cross Browser testing QUnit
Jasmine Cross browser Javascript Javascript Unit Testing Visual Cross Browser Firefox plugin to help write tests
Server runs on most platforms Selenium Run locally, specify the browsers you want to test in config
Run on server via headless webkit browser like PhantomJS
Run virtual framebuffer like XVFB, then run Firefox, Chrome etc headless Cloud based cross browser testing...
Test on OSX, Windows machines Fire up developer tools
Click on gear icon in Chrome
Go to Overrides
Change user agent, resolution etc Cool chrome User Agent switcher Continuous Integration for the masses
We run via Tomcat on CentOS but packages for lots of platforms
Run tests automatically on push to your version control system
Can do anything really, like supercron
Heaps of plugins, we have it send the build result to Campfire
Build pipeline plugin is super cool
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