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YYC Crew COR Audit Information Session

Certificate of Recognition

Adam Elford

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of YYC Crew COR Audit Information Session

-The Health and Safety Management System gap analysis will be completed.

-Key strengths and weaknesses will be identified.

-Improvements will be suggested.

-Upon successful audit completion the Authority will earn a Certificate of Recognition (COR). The Certificate of Recognition (COR) Audit: YYC Crew Information Session Element 1: Management Leadership and Organizational Commitment -Is there a written Health and Safety Policy for the organization?

-Does the senior CEO communicate to employees, at least annually, the organization’s commitment to health and safety?

-Is relevant current health and safety legislation readily available at work sites? Element 2: Hazard Identification and Assessment -Are health hazards identified for the jobs listed in the inventory? - Safe Work Procedures (SWP).

-Are workers involved in health and safety hazard identification and assessment? - OSH Committee

-Are key employees trained in the process of hazard identification and assessment? - Training Element 3: Hazard Control Have administrative controls been identified and implemented for the job tasks in the inventory? - SWP

Are employees using controls developed for identified health and safety hazards? - Using PPE

Is the required PPE available? Element 4: Ongoing Inspections Are workers involved in the inspections? Are tools checked before the work is done?

Are inspection reports reviewed and signed off by management? - Follow-up meetings

Does the system for reporting unsafe or unhealthy conditions and practices ensure action is taken by management in a timely manner? Element 5: Qualifications, Orientation and Training Element 6: Emergency Response Do persons at the site understand their responsibilities under the plan? - Fire Drill, ZEO, Monitors

Are emergency response records kept? - YYC School, ZEO Checklists

Are the appropriate numbers of employees trained in first aid as required by legislation? - Training, records on bulletin boards Documentation review Interviews Site inspections Three information gathering processes... Is there a process in place to ensure employees have the qualifications and training to perform their jobs in a healthy and safe manner? - HR Orientation

Are critical health and safety issues addressed before the employee starts normal job responsibilities? - SWP

Is on-going training provided as required? -K8 Element 7: Accident and Incident Investigation Is there a written procedure that requires the reporting of occupational accidents, illness, and incidents (near miss)? - Incident Report Form on the Hub

Are Manager/Supervisors held responsible and accountable for the investigation process? - Incident Report signed by Supervisor

Are completed investigation reports/results communicated with employees? - OSH Committee Minutes Element 8: Program Administration Are health and safety issues discussed with contractors? - Contractor Safety Briefings

Has an action plan been developed as a result of the previous audit? - Follow-ups The Certificate of Recognition (COR) Audit: YYC Crew Information Session Senior Management Managers Supervisors Workers 8 Elements
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