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No description

Diana N

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of MARRIAGE!

Our story, I have to admit, began on quite a silly note. It was a summer Saturday brunch at a local dim sum place in Mississauga, one of the most busiest. I was eating at a large round table with many of my cousins and relatives who lived by, we decided to have brunch as a small celebration of my eldest cousin's college graduation.
There isn't much options at a Chinese restaurant for a girl with seafood allergies, so I usually tend to settle myself with some chicken, pork buns and stir-fry. As per usual, I waited at my table and watched for the trolley with some tolerable food that I would be able to eat. Soon enough, I spotted a trolley approaching with steaming bamboo boxes, and instantly I knew there would be some delicious BBQ pork buns. It was nearing 11:15 am, and I was beginning to become very hungry.
As soon as the trolley stopped and the plate of food was spotted, I instantly dived for it. However, I noticed another person's hand approaching the food as well. I glanced up from the trolley and there was Edwin. Of course, I didn't know his name then. Annoyed and hungry, I instantly asked for permission to take the plate. Instantly I knew he wouldn't be too lenient, so my quickest solution was to lie in this situation. "I'm so sorry, however my aunt.. do you see her? She's pregnant and crabby today," I blurted out. "She's been annoying us for BBQ pork since we got here. I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to..." There was no need to continue because Edwin already had that look where you know he was willing to help. He handed me the warm plate of buns but didn't let go. I tugged on it, and looked at his face confused. A smirk had formed and he said in a sly voice, "I'll let you have the buns, but you have to give me your number." Awkward and surprised, I agreed and quickly pulled a pen from my satchel and wrote my number on a nearby napkin. I handed the napkin as he handed me the plate. We exchanged smiles and continued on with our brunch.
By Sunday evening, Edwin had already texted me saying hello and introducing himself. I have to admit I was quick to reply due to my excitement. We decided to go for coffee at a small cafe for our first official "meeting". I guess it grew from there because we both enjoyed each other's company a lot and scheduled more dates.
September soon came around and the during the beginning of grade 12 we were not able to communicate with each other often. Edwin was occupied with his studies at his school and I was busy with work. I hate to admit it, but I was never a "school-oriented" girl. Nothing motivated me or interested me as I would have liked it, so school wasn't going so well for me. I didn't necessarily had hope for university because I never believed my parents were able to afford it.
Time went on, and the both of us grew a bit apart, however we were still able to meet from time to time to catch up. I remember Edwin bringing up the topic of universities more and more often and how he hopes I'm doing well in school. I was worried he may be disappointed in me because it was March by then and I had never met his family. So I brought up the topic once more, however I was straight forward to ask if he was annoyed at the fact that I wasn't succeeding in school like he wanted me to. He admitted he was, and we had a long talk. Before this, we never spoke much about the topic, it was always avoided due to my sensitivity. He mentioned my frequent naps and lies to neglect my responsibilities and it brought me to tears, I never thought my careless actions affected him so much. It lead to me making a promise, that i would try to work hard, not skip class, etc.
I kept faithful to my promise to Edwin because I wanted to maintain our relationship at a stable level, sadly realization hit me when it was mid-May and there wasn't much time to redeem myself as a student. I began to slack off again, and it wasn't only in school, I began to not have faith in my relationship either. I allowed myself to believe that it was a definite fact that I would not have the capability to continue into post-secondary which meant my promise would be broken and our relationship would come to an end. To assure me that he will also be there to support me and care, Edwin offered to tutor me every week. I quickly agreed, desperate to not lose what I wanted to keep. Edwin and I scheduled to meet at the central library after our schools ended everyday, and spent hours on studying. Time at the library really allowed us to bond and connect again, while keeping me focused on my studies as well.
Suddenly a few days before the last day of university acceptances, I received mail. It was a conditional acceptance into a program that I applied to and coincidentally, it was the same university Edwin was planning to attend! I was so excited I called Edwin instantly. We both agreed that our tutoring sessions would not stop and perhaps continue them through university as well.
After 4 fours years in university, Edwin and I were still together, both succeeding academically. He and I both graduated with honors and he was offered a job instantly after graduation. I decided to continue to upgrade my degree and work at an office part time. Soon, both of us were able to financially support ourselves, so we decided to move in together.
We lived together for 2 more years until he popped the question. We both felt it would be a great way to begin our lives as young adults, seeing how both of us are ready emotionally, physically, and financially.
Edwin and Diana's

Estates of Sunnybrook (McLean House)
Estates of Sunnybrook requires a ceremony fee of
Rental fee (Saturday evening):
Ceremony fee:
Rental fee covers the cost of the full service venue.
(incl. room set-up, tables & contemporary
chairs, formal white floor-length linens, podium with a microphone,tableware & candles)
Invitations provided by

Invitations are customized with engraved lettering and are paired with a gold envelope at $3.11/card
The Mclean House has a seating capacity of 120 and a standing capacity of 160.
Front View (Day)
Backyard Ceremony
Front View (Night)
Approx. 110 cards will be bought, with a total of
Officiant: Ted Morris
Contacted through
Officiant fee:
Reception Decor
Bombonieres & Gifts For the Wedding Party
The Reception
Musicians and Disc Jockeys
The "'Swish' Espresso
and Biscotti Plate" was the determined bomboniere to be given to all guests and it was ordered on
. 120 were ordered at $2.99 a cup/plate set. This came to a total of
The "Stainless Steel Flask & Cigar Holder" and the
"Bridesmaid's Survival Kit" were both bought online at
The cigar set are priced at $24.95 a piece, with 3 groomsmen, it totaled to
The "survival kit" are priced at $19.95 a bag, with 3 bridesmaids, it totaled to
Wedding Ring
The determined ring set will have 1 carat princess cut diamond white gold ring along with a groom's 14K white gold band.
The wedding cake chosen was an elegant 3 tier white chocolate and raspberry puree cake.
The cake was ordered on
with a cost of
and serves about 120 people.
Total Cost
Ceremony fee:
Officiant fee:
McLean House Saturday fee:
FTD Centerpieces:
Bombonieres Espresso Cup:
Stainless Steel Flask & Cigar Holder:
The honeymoon package includes 4 day trip to the
Hayman Island Resort
in Australia during the days of July 25 to 31.
Bridesmaid's Survival Kit:
A fee of
is paid to the
Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)
for the right to use copyrighted music. The McLean venue will also have a small dance floor available.
The total cost for the stay at this resort would sum up to
The cost for the plane tickets to get to the resort is
, which was booked online at
SOCAN fee:
Princess Cut Wedding Ring:
Wedding Attire
Carenna Bridal Gown:
bridal "Carenna"
gown was bought for
Air Canada Tickets:
The chosen bouquet was ordered from
that includes white preserved flowers. This bouquet had the cost of
Preserved Bouquet:
Hair and Make-Up
The bridal hair and make-up will be done by
Mane Society Spa & Salon
The cost of both services will have a total of
Hair & Make-Up:
The images above display the desired bridal look.
Bridesmaid dresses:
The total for the bride
maids' dresses sums up to
The image above presents the dress chosen
for all the 3 bridesmaids. It is ordered from
, at a price of
Burberry Milburry Suit:
$1262. 64
The groom's outfit will include a suit from
, which is priced at
Wedding Cake:
The image above is a two-piece,
slim fit
suit which has a cost of
a set. For the 3 groomsmen that will

be attending, the total will be
Groomsmen suits:
Catering services will be provided by the wedding venue as well.
Evening Cocktail/Cocktail Reception:
"Build Your Own Poutine":
(50 servings ordered)
Yukon gold potato fries & cheese curds, assorted gravy, caramelized onions, sour cream, vegetable chilli
"Flamed Tiger Shrimps":
(50 servings ordered)
"Fresh Shucked Oysters":
(60 servings ordered)
"Dry Aged Rib Eye":
(60 servings ordered)
"Stuffed Pasta Shells":
(60 servings ordered)
Pernod, garlic and chilli pepper flamed, light fennel cream, grilled crostini
A variety of market fresh oysters, complementing condiments
Main Courses
Spinach ricotta filling, tomato basil coulis, shaved Raggiano parmesan
Green peppercorn reduction, stilton potato cake, steamed asparagus, crispy fried onions
"Sweet Table Selection":
servings ordered)
Display of seasonal fruits and espresso & cappuccino bar
"Chocolate Grand Marnier Cheesecake":
"Chocolate Dipped Strawberries":
(4 orders)
"Individual Ice Cream Cups":
(100 servings ordered)
Total for catering:
Maximum Music DJ's:
Maxium Music DJ's
will be the company contacted for the night's disc jockey. The standard rate is
for a service up to 8 hours.
We will be using a Lincoln stretch limousine as transportation during our wedding day. The limousine will include the wedding party (a total of 8).
Our limo service provides a
standard 6 hour service for
1. I am getting married because marriage itself is a symbol of one's commitment to another person. It ensures them (and yourself) a sense that you will be forever loved by someone who is not blood-related. Though that may not sound like it would hold much significance, however it is one of the greatest blessing to receive an unconditional love from an outside person and the reassurance of a constant companion. The feeling of being wanted is something is initially what every individual searches for, it is social interaction that saves us from loneliness. It is marriage that ensures and promises that. The wedding will take place outside the church, however there will indeed be an officiant and a priest to officialize the marriage. I do have faith in our commitment to each other, because at the moment where we, as a couple, agreed to marry was the moment when both of us believed that we will care and love one another for a lifetime. Marriage was never a decision that was spontaneous or surprising. It is because the feelings we have for each other were confirmed with such certainty that we both have an unbreakable faith in each other and hope in our relationship. Edwin and I are certain, we have proved our feelings to one another time and time again, so I am happy to say I have complete confidence in he and I.

1. I am getting married because I believe I have found the right person to spend the rest of my life with and be able to be in love no matter what challenges our relationship. I am able to emotionally connect with Diana in a way that I was not able to feel with my past relationships, Diana and I do not only have an relationship where it is only about romance and love, but we also are each other best friend. This feeling of stability and comfort tells me that I am able to look to the future, see her as my wife, and show that our relationship is ready for this important commitment. I feel that we are ready for the sacred bond which is brought about the grace of God and are ready to become the best person we can be.
The wedding will take place at another location but since we are both Catholic, we will have a priest or officiant at our wedding. Even though we are exchanging vows outside the church, our commitment and promises still hold the same meaning if we were to be in a church.
I have complete faith in my commitment to Diana because I know for sure that she is the only person I will truly love and spend the rest of my life with her. I am certain that our relationship is extremely solid and because of this, nothing will be able to break what we have together. In addition, if I feel ready to get married, I know that I have faith in my commitment or I would not get married and promise to be with her all my life. I know Diana long enough to know that our bond and connection with each other is special and is only something that can happen between the two of us therefore our relationship is something unbreakable.
Marriage Prep
Our Relationship

Diana's Reflection
Opening Hymn & Prayer
O Blessed Home
Where Man and Wife
Oh, blessed home, where man and wife
Together lead a godly life,By love their faith confessing!There many a happy day is spent;There Jesus gladly will consentTo tarry with his blessing,To tarry with his blessing.
If they have given him their heart,
The place of honor set apart
For him each night and morrow,
Then he the storms of life will calm,
Will bring for ev'ry wound a balm,
And change to joy their sorrow,
And change to joy their sorrow.

Oh, Lord, we come before your face,In ev'ry home bestow your graceOn children, father, mother.Relieve their wants; their burdens ease.Let them together dwell in peaceAnd love for one another,And love for one another.
Biblical Readings
Corinthians 13: 4-13
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs, Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease, where there are tongues, they will be stilled, where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. And now these three remain; faith, hope and love. But the greatest is love.
Genesis 1: 27-28

So God created man in his own image, in the image of Gad he created him, male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, " Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground."
Total Cost:
Reception Entertainment

We have chosen to rent a photo booth
with the deluxe package of services for a period of 5 hours. This service was provided by
Photo booth:
Budget: $40,000
3. Yes, I will teach my children religion. I believe the stories of the bible has many great teachings and lessons that people of all ages can learn from. The Catholic role models provide people with such outstanding motivation, hope, and faith. With the feeling of support always available, I believe my children will have much confidence in themselves to succeed in their work and dreams. Therefore I favor Catholic schools. Not only Catholic schools, however public Catholic schools, similar to St. FX, allow the student body to be filled with many different cultural/religious practices, creating an environment filled with students filled with open and accepting minds. As well, each day will be welcomed with a morning prayer, reminding children and students of what is important in life and to face each brand new day with a positive attitude. The bible is great, in the fact that it is able to promote such selfless, positive, caring deeds to promote peace and love. I would like to speak to my children about sex from a young age, ensuring that they will be well-educated and comfortable with the topic, especially through the ages of puberty. I plan to educate my children to understand many precautions to take when it comes to sex. I hope to teach them the importance of sex in a relationship through the use of resources such as the Bible, videos/documentaries, and books. Allowing them to understand that it is no laughing matter, rather a serious decision that should not come up as a surprise. I will trust my children to make the right decision and be responsible. Of course, many rules would be enforced along the way.
3. I will teach my children religion because I believe in my religion and would like to share what I know to them and hopefully have them follow the same religion as me. I would want them to know about what I believe in and what I base my morals and beliefs on.
The type of school my children will attend would be a Catholic school because this was the kind of school I have went to and believe having the Catholic religion taught at school helps to keep children grounded and helps to initiate them into the church.
To teach my children about sex, it would depend on if my children are boys or girls, because I believe it is easier to talk to boys about sex then girls, since I do not know much about how girls would change or feel during puberty as well as how a boy changes, I would have Diana teach the girls. The method I would use is to figure out what they know first and from there depending on their age,
tell them a brief or altered form of what really happens so that I still inform them about
sex but do not reveal everything. I may even find Youtube videos that teach
children about sex to show them because they may teach them better than I can.

5. I don't mind where we live, the only requirements are that it will be a place that is affordable for us. I would not wish for the two of us to live the rest of days trying to pay the mortgage. I don't mind change in environment but, change is good sometimes as well. So, location for me isn't so bad. just I don't wish to live too far from the city or industrial area due to my job. I hope to be a health inspector, so access to an area with many businesses would be preferable. Moving to different provinces is an issue that is quite unpredictable, the environment that we, as a couple, are entering is most probably different from where we currently live in Mississauga. Let alone, moving to a different country, circumstances and economic factors in quite a bit due to this drastic change, in the end I'd rather not move outside the province/country unless a well-paying job and stability is ensured. In the early years of our marriage, I'd prefer to live in an apartment/condo due to its small size and cheaper cost. However, once we form a family of our own and become more financially stable, I think it would be best to move into a home with more room for the children to play. With a bigger house, there will be much more room for the family to live comfortably in and for the accumulating amount of possessions that we would collect from raising our own family. It would be great to live in a location where we would have easy access to a main street, while being in a residential area. By living in a more conversed residential area, I would feel more comfortable with the children and family playing outside, not needing to worry about fast cars and reckless drivers. I think it would also be in everyone's best interest that we lived in an area where access to our daily necessities would be easy.

5. Factors that will determine where we live would be depending on the jobs that we have our financial situation, family, location and size of the house, schools, hospitals, climate and neighbourhood. I would want a house that is within a maximum thirty to forty minute distance from my work place so that if my family needs me, I will be able to get to them quickly. Our financial situation would be a major factor because if we do not have enough money to afford the house we want, we would have to look for a smaller and cheaper house to accommodate our expenses. I would like to be somewhat close to my family because I would want to able to visit my family to maintain a good relationship with them. Schools and hospitals would influence our decision because since I am planning on having children and I would want them to go to a Catholic school, I would look for a house that is near a Catholic school. Also, having a house near a hospital would be considered because if any emergency were to happen to Diana, my children or myself, I would have a hospital nearby for help.I would like in Canada because it is the country I grew up in and I would not want to move somewhere else due to not being familiar with the new surrounds and I would feel more comfortable staying in Canada as it feels more at home. Also, I like how Canada the good health care system and the diversity is great. I would live in Ontario because this is the province I was born in and I feel that it has a sense of comfort and belonging. Also, I think Ontario has a diverse amount of people, environment and jobs for future development. The city we would live in would be depending on the location of where Diana and I are planning on buying a house and if we can find jobs in the area. I would start with a townhouse because it is big enough for Diana and I and when we have a child. Also, it is not a full single house so we would not have to spend as much. After Diana and I have settled in, I would probably look for a bigger house depending on our income and the location of the house to meet our family needs.


Majority of household tasks would be most likely done equally between both of us, or whoever chooses to volunteer. I would assume for most chores we would take turns, Edwin one day or me another. However if one of the two is busy, then I would not mind taking responsibility to finish what must be done. Other than that it should not be a problem because the daily chores that are necessary are not quite time consuming. I don't believe that chores should be forced upon one another because we would like to both maintain a nice comfortable home, chores would be considered as teamwork: requiring both participating and cooperation to be successful and run smoothly.

6. I do not think there will be a certain routine or list that each of us much do. I think that the household tasks will just be done evenly no matter what it is, unless it is something that specifically I need to do or will be better than that would be the only situation. In general, I think the chores and tasks will be done no matter what because we both want to have a clean environment to live in and working together and communicating is just part of being married and creating a family. Also, the household tasks will depend on our jobs, the person who comes home early might cook while the person who leaves early might make breakfast. The household tasks will not have a definite person who will take care of that certain chore but as a couple we will work together to accommodate each other's needs.
Musicians Contd.
Music for the ceremony will be provided by the
St. Royals Duo
. The duo will be requested as a pianist and guitarist (no vocalist). The two will be playing for a minimum of 45 minutes at a rate of
St. Royals Duo:
2. Yes, I am planning on having children and if possible having my own children. I really like children and want to be start a family. I believe having children can also help us grow as a couple and even start creating a family to love and care.
I would plan to have two children over the course of 5 years, I would want to have one of my children to have a role model and someone older who can spend time with him or her and be there for him or her when Diana and I are not able to.
The type of birth control I would use between children would be to just promise and maintain concrete rules of what we agreed to. I believe our relationship is strong enough to respect and uphold any promises and boundaries made between ourselves to control the amount of children we have. In addition, I would not want Diana to use any medication because if there is no certain need for having her takes medication, I would rather her not to and allow her body to function normally. Also, to help with birth control, I would suggest Diana to start cycle charting so she can figure out where she is in her cycle to help reduce the chances of her becoming pregnant.

4. I will hope both of us will work. I prefer a full-time job, with 40-hours a week there
should be enough time for both of us to spend time together. Of course, with children the circumstances will be different. Perhaps the two of us will schedule the days of work to alternate between us, or perhaps create a home office that we may work from. I hope to stay committed to my family at least for a fixed amount of time everyday. The money spent should be determined together, of course decisions on purchases over $80 or $100 should be spoken about. Of course, with both of us contributing to the bills and running errands, together we should look after paying the bills. It should not be only one person's responsibility if both of us had contributed to working. We, as a couple and a newly found family, must be considerate of each other and their conscience effort. Joint account would be preferable for me, the fact that the account is created that way presents our trust in each other and faith in each other to be responsible to our family and relationship. Not only will a joint account reassure our faithfulness to each other, but it will hold our family savings. Together, we will be able to see what/how much each person spends, how much savings we hold, etc. To have a bank account that has an overview of all the money will remind both of us to be responsible, rather than reckless. That money will be spent on what is needed rather than what is wanted.
4. Both Diana and I will be working to support of family. I am planning to be working full time to support the family and if we both are working full time, I will find a baby sitter or a daycare when we have children.
We will both decide together depending on our income and what expenses we will need to figure out how much money we will spending . I would assume that both of us as well would look after paying the bills, I think that if both of us are present to look at our expenses, we will be able to discuss and figure out if we are spending too much or not spending our money on the right things.
I would prefer having a joint bank account because it would be easier to have an overview of what our expenses and incomes are as a couple. In addition, by having a joint bank account, this shows complete trust in our relationship and shows commitment towards one another. Having a joint bank account can also show any economic problems or if there is adjustment needed to each other's expenses rather than having separate accounts and having the other person not know about what the money is spent on.
Throughout the time that we have been together you have made me to be and want to be a better person. Although you have always said that you love me for who I am and exactly as I am, I constantly strive to become better to calm my worries that I wouldn't be good enough for you. Without your constant support and loving ways, I wouldn't be the woman I am today. You have shaped me into a person who will work harder and be better, and I thank you so much. You make me dream for better things and make me feel like I'm living in one at the same time. I have never felt so confident in myself of how much I love and care. Everyday, I think about you constantly, I'm ashamed to admit so because maybe it's too much. I welcome everyday with thoughts of you, and my heart is just instantly filled with delight. You're my precious treasure that I will cherish forever and always. And to know that you feel the same and that I will be forever your's and you will be forever mine brings me to tears. With that blessing and dream come true, I vow to do all I am capable of to benefit your, mine and our well being. I love you.
7. I have to agree that I believe family comes first, it is their unconditional love and their support that I need everyday. Career to me is very important as well, and comes in at a very close second. No, I will not allow outside sexual relationships because to me, the definition of marriage is to create an official legal and spiritual union between two people where love and faithfulness is absolutely necessary. If the relationship is not working I'd most likely speak out on our problems as a couple and discuss on what we both need to improve on. However, if that does not help, I would turn to rely on a specialist who will be able to create an unbias conclusion on our relationship. I definitely support counseling, a divorce is very depressing for me because it symbolizes that at least one person in the relationship has given up hope completely for it to survive.

(Ray Wong):
rayc33@gmail.com (416) 931 3268
Photography & Video
The photographer will be
Ray Wong
, he is Edwin's uncle. So, for our wedding, we are able to receive a cheaper price for the service, at
Ray was contacted through email/phone.
His contact information are as listed below:
416- 931- 3268
7. The most important to me would be for sure family, the family I have and will create will be my number one priority as they are the people I truly love and care for. These are the people who I try to protect and support and do everything I can to keep my family safe and happy. Anything else besides family would not be important compared to it because everything is something when lost will not impact me as much, except my friends, second to my family I would say my friends are important. I believe that having good friends that you can fully trust and interact with is very rare and because of that you should cherish the few friends that are able to take that spot in a person's life.
Be attentive to our prayers, O Lord,
And in your kindness uphold
What you have established for the increase of the human race,
So that the union you have created
May be kept safe by your assistance.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.
Our wedding rings were bought on
Wedding Cake
2. I would absolutely love to have children, adopting is also a great option as well. The ideal amount of children would be 2, however if I am able to support more children, I'd love to have more. It would be great to have children of our own in the early years of our marriage, when I am youthful and full of energy. Not only so, I would love to grow old enough to watch my children transform into adults themselves.
The only birth control that I am planning to use is by charting my ovulation/period cycle. To prevent pregnancy, sexual interaction would be avoided a few days before and after ovulation begins. That is the chosen birth control method because it is the only process of pregnancy prevention approved by the Catholic Church. Many synthetic medication will affect how my body processes and cause long term problems as well. So to prevent that, I would like to choose a method of preventing pregnancy using the most natural (and least harmful) option as possible.
The resort includes:
- Daily beachfront breakfast in Azure
- Paddleskiing, windsurfing and catamaran sailing
- Gymnasium, sauna, and steam room, Hayman spa
- Tennis, squash, croquet, golf putting and chipping and island walks
The vows
And finally...
She Promises...
Estates of Sunnybrook is kind enough to provide room set-up, tables & contemporary chairs, formal white floor-length linens, tableware & candles along with the rental fee.
Center pieces will be bouquets filled with white roses, Asiatic Lilies, carnations, and hydrangea. They will be provided by
FTD Flowers
, at
a piece.
Standing here, making this decision of my life. I realize that you are the reason why and it’s so clear to everyone that having you as my wife is a privilege and an honor that applies. So I take this oath of life for all eternity and I pray to God that I will give all you need in sickness or in health I want to make you happy and be the one that you would always love. I pledge my life to you and with you I feel complete you are the other part of me. I pledge my life to you from here to eternity I will love you endlessly.
McLean House is generally set with round tables for 8 to 10 people.
With approx. 12 tables for guests, that would call for 12 center pieces, bringing the total to
He Promises...
Additional Wedding Accessories
Edwin's Reflection
I can recall the first time I saw Diana like it was yesterday. I was sleeping in after a long night relaxing and hanging out with my friends since we just finished exams. I remember dreaming of waking up every day at noon without stressing over the test I was about to have or exhausted after staying up all night finishing an assignment. My dream was everything that I have been waiting for since first semester of this year; unfortunately, my dream did not last long as I was woken up by a phone call. It was one of my friends, Nick, he wanted to see if I wanted to go have dim sum with the group and then go paint balling after. I decided to go with them since I was already awake. When we got to the restaurant, another friend of mine pointed Diana out to me, I thought she was cute but I was not in the mood to hit on her. Also, since she looked like she was with family, it seemed to me that it would be hard to even get to talk to her without being starred out by the people at her table. As we were eating and talking, I had a random craving for one of my childhood comfort foods, BBQ pork buns. I was searching and waiting for the trolley that had it and after ten minutes of waiting, there was one plate left. I was reaching for the plate then I heard a voice behind me, when I turned around it was Diana. I was in awe at first, Diana had this presence when she was there that I could not explain, but then I remembered she was talking me. Diana wanted my plate of bbq pork buns and initially I was not too fond of giving her the last plate however she pointed out her pregnant aunt, so I decided to give it her for that reason. Since Diana was away from her table, I thought I would give asking her out a try, so as a condition for having the BBQ pork bun, she had to give me her number and surprisingly she did. Later that day, all I could think about was Diana and how in the world, I got her number by doing something like that. The Sunday after, I decided to text Diana jus to say hi and try to get to know her. After, a day or so I decided to ask her to have coffee and talk in person then.
We started to talk and see each other more frequently over the summer that without knowing it, we were already dating. Just when life couldn't be better, the new school year was just around the corner. The new year was going to a big deal for me because I really wanted to get into McMaster's life science program and they need high 80's for admissions so I really needed to work hard to try and accomplish that goal. However, over the course of spending time with Diana, I figured she was not a person who was into school and studying. She did not care much about her grades and that was certainly something that bothered me often. I did not understand how she could not care about her future and throw everything away. I tried to talk to her about this topic, but every time we end up arguing and because of this, we do not touch on this topic too often. It was already hard enough to have a relationship with a girl who goes to a different school. The fact that I do not get to see Diana at school and our relationship is almost a distanced relationship, there are many complications that come with that. We did not want to damage our relationship over arguing about school and since we only see each other once in a while, we want each meeting to be memorable and not where we fight about academics. Even with the struggles of school and having a long distance relationship, we still managed to stay in love and it is because of our struggles that strengthened our bond. One day to my surprise, Diana wanted me to tutor her so she could do better in school and get accepted into a good university. This became a weekly routine where I would help her study and this was time for us to spend time together. I knew studying was a struggle for Diana, but after her hard work, she was accepted to the university she wanted and to my surprise, it was also the same university I was planning on to. After going to the same university for 4 years together, I truly thought she was the one person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I was certain that Diana was the person who I could see having a family with. After two years of living together and receiving our undergraduate degree, I thought it was time to take our relationship further. I decided to ask Diana to marry me and spend the rest of our lives together.
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