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Me, and My Favorite Colors

Art Lesson Plan-Kindergarten

Jessica Coulson

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Me, and My Favorite Colors

Me and My Favorite Colors Today we are going to learn about how to mix colors
And then we are going to make a painting
of ourselves! What is YOUR
favorite color? Even if they are not your favorite colors
red yellow and blue are very special colors...does anyone know why? One reason is because
you can use them to
mix all of the other colors! Red, yellow and blue are
called PRIMARY colors...
this means they come first.
can you say PRIMARY COLOR? Orange, Purple and Green
are called Secondary colors,
because they come second.
Can you say SECONDARY COLOR? When you mix two PRIMARY
colors, you get a SECONDARY
color...almost like magic! In a few minutes be practicing mixing color in egg crates! The next three artists we are going to look at are famous for making pictures of themselves using bright colors to tell about themseves The first Artists name is Andy Warhol.
What do you think his favorite
color might be? The second artist is called Vincent Vangoh.
He uses lots of tiny bits of color to make
his paintings. What colors do you see in his face? The Third Artist is called Frida Kahlo. She painted mostly SELF PORTRAITS. She used lots of colors too. A fancy word
for pictures of
yourself that you made
can you say it now?
here is the first example... SELF PORTRAITS Are you read to try making your own self portrait? ok! but first lets learn to mix some paint! Frida used bright bold colors to represent her emotions and her Mexican heritage. Here she painted on a traditional Mexican handpainted Mexican painted tin mirror. What do you think Andy is trying to say with the color red ? What does it mean to you? How do you think Vincent is feeling in this picture? Does the color tell you anything? What does the color blue mean to you? can you can tell something about yourself with just with the colors you choose? but first lets learn about some artists that used color to tell something about themselves
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