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resume smithk

No description

Krystal Smith

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of resume smithk

Resume for Krystal Smith
in application for
Transformation Support Specialist
Organizational Renewal

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Athabasca University, 2002
10 years of public service experience with the department of Human Services as a Career Advisor, Financial Benefit Worker, Career and Employment Consultant and Program Specialist
Regional Training and Program Specialist, Employment and Financial Supports division (EFS), Northwest Region, 2008-current
De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations certified trainer
Regional Mobius training lead
Leadership Program graduate, Government of Alberta

Documented excellence in professional and accountable work ethic.
Champion of positivity and optimism within various work and home groups.
Co-chair of regional recognition committee and participant in office activities.
Experience in reviewing, modifying, and delivering information sessions on staff recognition.
Providing support and cover off to staff members at various levels, including supervisors and managers.
Advocate for change.

Experience in assessing, communicating, and career planning with people in sensitive situations.
Conflict resolution experience in handling low income and high needs individuals.
Regional representation at provincial Employment and Financial Supports (EFS) committees with the responsibility to communicate with various staff to and from these meetings.
Identify issues, propose solutions, and write recommendations for various EFS committees
Write and share success stories, effective practices, and valuable documents/tools/resources.
Experience in developing briefing notes and knowledge of Action Request (AR) document development and AR processes.

Project Management
• Support the implementation of program and policy changes for the Northwest region EFS division such as Mobius upgrades, collaborations with Assured Income for the Severely Handicap and Child and Family Services, and development of training projects to meet staff and management needs.
• Monitor and analyze program and delivery issues for the Northwest region including those pertaining to training, systems usage and audit findings.
• Research and identify ways for change in various EFS policy and systems, exemplified in the Assignment of Benefit conversations within Income Support program policy.
• In consultation with Regional management and supervisors, identify and prioritizes training needs and delivery options.
• Ability to utilize standard computer programs including Microsoft Office Software and videoconferencing equipment.
• Development and/or delivery of training materials for variety of EFS software applications including Microsoft Lync and Mobius.
Experience in bringing together a variety of divisional staff to implement an information sharing project between EFS and AISH in the Northwest.
Identify training needs from teammates, managers, supervisors, and staff and act accordingly.
Review competencies and identify skill and knowledge gaps and provide opportunities for staff development on a provincial level.
Represent Northwest Region on provincial committees that include government and non government stakeholders.
Monitor and analyze program and delivery issues, solicit and provide feedback, make recommendation for changes in legislation, policy, systems, delivery processes, resources and staff training.
Consult with community social agencies and institutions in case planning for clients.
Provide expert program opinion to staff and managers.
Change Management
Ability to take theoretical knowledge of change management and develop practical tools for staff use.
As a member of the NW regional EFS change management group, develop and implement change management model and template for staff.
Provide consultations with staff on change management resources, tools and templates.
Review feedback to evaluate and modify current Northwest change management template.

Contact Details
Krystal Smith
Grande Prairie, Alberta

(780) 833-4314

Change management
• Review current change management models, including those provided by Organizational Renewal division.
• Develop and implement change management template for staff
• Provide consultations with staff on change management resources, tools and templates
• Review feedback to evaluate and modify current change management template

Business Awareness
Working understanding of Human Services structure and goals including supporting vulnerable Albertans, ensuring Albertans are healthy, safe and skilled to work, and working together to ensure Albertans can succeed.
Broad understanding of GOA initiatives including Results Based Budgeting process and success in providing timely and relevant information to support this.
Experience in communicating with a variety of Human Services stakeholders including low income Albertans, First Nations members, supervisors, managers and staff on a local, regional and provincial scope within the division and in collaboration with other regions, divisions and departments.
Responsibilities in operational planning processes and providing business plan updates and statistics.
Thank you for taking the time to review my resume
Emily Sylvester, Manager, Programs and Operations 780-538-5637
Mary Biggs, Manager (former supervisor) 780-624-6235
China Sieger, Program Specialist 780-624-6201

Other references happily provided upon request
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