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My Destination Guidebook

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Transcript of My Destination Guidebook

By: Suwathika Seyalogarajathurai
My Destination Guidebook
I am going in to Grade 10 in Emily Carr S.S. In Grade 9, I was in the HMST program at Northview Heights because I was in to the Math and science ore than into the Arts. So, i decided to have my career in Maths and Sciences area. I am more of a hands on lener making want a job that is mostly hands on and vey active. I am interested in being an archetict or a civil engineer/electrical engineer but I mostly wanted to become a mechanical engineer. I have some skills that are requied for an engineer like leadership, knowledge, problem solving and have great iniative. Some skills I can work on is being able to cooperate in a team, communication and good management skills.
The credits you would need to get into university would be:
Advanced Functions
High School Credits
Before Gradutating in June, in January, the Grade 12s were giving letters universities and colleges. I prefer university and I prefer to go to Rye son because I heard their engineer was really good and I want to go to . Also, if by taking Math and Science courses, it might make my resume for universities look bad. During University, I would probably do an internship to get the experience of how is it to work at a different environment.Also, I decided to do my MBA after getting my Masters for mechanical enigineer
Post Secondary Education
Mechanical engineers would provide specifications for different designs, manufacture and put in new or fixed mechanical parts or systems.
So, after university, I would get a job that is in the same field as the career that I studied. Also, I want to be very sucessful in life and have a job that is requires the things I learned from he past.

Future Plans:
Be more focused in school and maintain good grades throughout high school
Work on my communication skills and cooperation skills with others
Understangung people more often and don't talk rude about thhem
Start working in groups then working alone
My Destination and Where do I want to go?
Where am I now?
Even though in high school, all credits that you pass will give you a credit, but for your career, you should know what courses you are doing, so you can prepare and get it over wiht it. then when you finish some of these courses in Grade 11, it would be a less stress year for Grade 12.
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