Prezi for Teams

Learn how to get up and running with Prezi Video in no time.

Use Prezi Video for more engaging, interactive, and professional-looking virtual presentations across your entire organization.


Getting started with Prezi Video

Watch this video series — hosted by our Customer Trainer, Vince — to learn everything you need to know about logging in, creating your first video, and going live in Prezi Video.


Creating your first video

Getting set up
Video 1 of 5
Creating your first virtual presentation
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Using a PowerPoint slide deck
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Going live with your content
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Record a Prezi video
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Unlocking the full potential of Prezi Video

Take your virtual presentations to the next level by creating your content in Prezi Present and then sharing them through Prezi Video. Learn more with these tutorial videos. 


Getting started with Prezi Present

Intro to Prezi Present
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Starting a new video presentation
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Navigating the Prezi Present editor and preparing your presentation
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Creating your virtual presentation

Branding your presentation
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Adding content
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All about topics
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Adding animations
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Importing your presentation into Prezi Video
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