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Learn how to get up and running with Prezi Video in no time.

Prezi is now included on Cisco's Global Price List, which means sellers and partners now have access to offer an innovative technology to Cisco customers. Find out how Prezi Video and Webex deliver a better solution for interactivity and engagement in virtual meetings. 


See Prezi Video in action

Check out these two videos to see how Prezi Video can help make your meetings better and how you can get started with your own name tag today.

Prezi Video - 5 ways that make any meeting better
Adding a branded name tag to your customer meetings on Webex

Getting started with Prezi Video

Watch this video series — hosted by our Customer Trainers — to learn everything you need to know about logging in, creating your first video, and going live in Webex.


Creating your first video

Getting set up
Video 1 of 8
Creating your first virtual presentation
Video 2 of 8
Importing your slide deck
Video 3 of 8

Connecting to Webex

Connect to Webex
Video 4 of 8
Going live with your content
Video 5 of 8
Connect to Desk Pro
Video 6 of 8

Pro tips

Record a Prezi video
Video 7 of 8
Screen sharing in Prezi Video
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Unlocking the full potential of Prezi Video

Take your virtual presentations to the next level by creating your content in Prezi Present and then sharing them through Prezi Video. Learn more with these tutorial videos. 


Getting started with Prezi Present

Intro to Prezi Present
Video 1 of 10
Starting a new video presentation
Video 2 of 10
Navigating the Prezi Present editor
Video 3 of 10

Creating your virtual presentation

Branding your presentation
Video 4 of 10
Adding content
Video 5 of 10
Adjusting your content
Video 6 of 10
All about topics
Video 7 of 10
Adding animations
Video 8 of 10
Recording a video
Video 9 of 10

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a Prezi account?

To get started, please email, and she will reach out to you soon


I have a question. Who do I ask?

If you have any questions, please reach out to or use the Ask Prezi space in Webex Teams.


Where do I get the Prezi Video desktop app?

You can download the Prezi Video desktop app from your online dashboard. Here’s a guide on installing the app on your Mac or Windows computer.


Can I use Webex backgrounds?

When live streaming your video content in a Webex meeting, avoid using virtual backgrounds as they might cover your Prezi Video content.


How do I enable my camera or switch to a different camera?

Your camera should be enabled automatically when opening the Prezi Video app, but if available, you can switch to a different camera by clicking Camera in the top toolbar and selecting a camera from the dropdown list. You can also connect an external camera for better video quality.


Can I use an external microphone in Prezi Video?

Yes, you can also connect an external microphone and use it in Prezi Video for better audio quality. Here are a few extra tips for achieving the best sound quality possible!


How can I achieve the best video quality?

Here are a few tips on optimizing video quality and resolution when recording with Prezi Video.


What are the system requirements for using Prezi Video?

You can find the detailed system requirements for Prezi Video in this article.