Best practices for data visualization

Prezi Design is the perfect tool for creating your own unique data visualizations, and we know making a really good one takes a bit of effort. That's why we've prepared this training session to help you get started in your data visualization journey. We'll cover what data visualization is and what are the aspects that can make one stand out, we'll have a look at several editing and design tips to consider when working on your visuals, and you'll get a brief intro on how to create charts and maps in Prezi Design.

on-demand training


What you'll learn

What is data visualization

What makes a good data visualization

Data visualization editing and design tips

How to create charts and maps in Prezi Design


Meet the trainer

Hey there! I'm Jānis, a Content Creator at Prezi, and  I'm happy to give you some pointers and tips on data visualization. If you have any questions,
email me anytime!